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Wednesday, 18 September 2013 00:00

Decora launches a new website that is also designed to run smoothly across tablets and smartphones.


Encompassing strategy, creativity and evolution, Decora launches a new website. This innovative and responsive site has been designed to optimise visually across all smartphones and small tablet devices, while showcasing the foundation of Decora and its celebrated brands.

The blend of creativity, user experience, engaging content and technical development enables Decora to create the ideal customer experience, whilst offering a coherent online presence.

Fluid visuals greet and guide users through Decora’s new website combining creative graphics and smooth interface design. User interaction and navigation throughout the site design comes alive; touch response web scrolling engages the user with animations and inspirational slide-in carousels, while the uncomplicated navigation translates perfectly irrespective of the type of device or size of screen.

Entwined within the site, Decora’s company ethos transcribes into its key brands and entire product portfolio and offers an insight into Decora’s philosophy for window blind design. This attractive and functional site has been designed to engage and offer the user the complete experience of Decora.





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