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Harol launches new products
Wednesday, 22 February 2006 01:00
 Harol has launched two new products, the LX530 folding-arm sun awning and the VR130 surfacemounted roller shutter. Both products feature high-tech designs and multifunctional applications and will be available from March 2006.  
The brand-new LX530 folding-arm sun awning, the successor to the current LX321 folding arm awning, combines the features of the current GL320 and LX321 models. The new model has numerous outstanding features and represents the top of the line in Harol's range of sun awnings. To start with, the LX530 folding-arm sun awning can be extended up to four metres. Naturally, all components that must support the weight of the awning have been correspondingly upgraded. The result is a highly robust awning suitable for large patio areas.  

 The patented 'clip-on, clip-off' system makes it easy to attach or replace the fabric without requiring the awning to be dismantled by an installer. In addition, the rolled awning fabric is well protected by the fully closed cassette. PVC strips on locations where the fabric can touch the aluminium extrusions prevent unsightly black markings. On top of that, an ingenious construction using cast plastic fittings ensures that the extension pole always docks in exactly the same place.  

The new LX530 features fully electrical operation (with manual operation if required) and is available in all RAL colours as well as traditional paint (gloss or matt) or textured paint. Another option is the rear accessory panel, which is recommended in order to provide an attractive finish for the exposed rear face of the cassette if the folding-arm awning is installed against a ceiling, for example beneath a balcony. The sun awning can also be complemented with heating and/or lighting fixtures if desired. The patio heating system uses short-wavelength infrared heaters. In contrast to long-wavelength infrared heaters, which primarily heat the ambient air and only work properly at short distances, short-wavelength heaters are highly efficient and have a range of up to 4 metres. In addition, they have long service lives and do not attract irritating insects at night. Combined heating/lighting systems are also possible.   

The new VR130 surface-mounted roller shutter replaces the existing VR100 model (with bevelled housing) and VR110 model (with rounded housing). It is a top-class product designed with an eye to detail. This lightweight roller shutter, which is a perfect choice for renovation projects, can be easily installed without touching the window frame. All Harol roller shutters help make houses more secure, but the VR130 security package, an optional accessory, provides even better break-in protection.  

The new VR130 has flocked suspension springs, which prevent marking of the slats. The durability and effectiveness of this system has been proven by rigorous tests.  The roller shutter comes standard with a hidden fixing plate made from galvanized steel. and all screws on the edges of the roller shutter are thus nicely hidden.  

There are twelve different sizes with six bevelled and six rounded models, which means you can always select the most compact housing that suits your needs.  The optional security package, consisting of security guides, an extruded housing, a security bottom lath and heavy-duty slats, provides enhanced break-in protection. Two-piece and three-piece extruded housings are also available as options. A completely new feature is the optional built-in insect screen, which can also be easily removed using a spring-loaded shaft plug.  

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