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Penthouse shading

Natural cooling through Caribbean zip-guided solar block screens ensure this urban duplex living space is as cool as it looks.

Part of the Howard de Walden Estate, a previous commercial building on the corner of Hallam Street was converted into six luxury apartments. Designed by Sonnemann Toon architects, part of the conversion works included the addition of a new floor to the roof to create an urban living space. Slim framed glazing to three elevations captures and frames the stunning views over the Harley Street Conservation Area. Completed early in 2012, the occupier soon discovered during the bouts of hot summer weather that this expanse of glazing caused internal temperatures to soar, making the space often un-useable.

Understanding that the solution needed to stop the sun’s energy striking the glazing to be effective, Sonnemann Toon architects sought the expertise of Caribbean to provide a solution that would not just combat the heat gain issue but would permit the views still and look as part of the building design rather than an add on.

Given the attention to detail and smart lines of the renovation to ensure it maintained its 1940’s roots, Caribbean installed a bespoke series of fully automated external roller screens to all the glazing, with the metalwork including slim side channels that the blinds run up/down in and headbox to which the fabric is concealed, finished in the exact same dark bronze anodising as the framing to the windows so the blinds became an integral component of the façade.

The Antiguan model screen utilised features a unique fabric locking mechanism in the side guides to prevent the fabric flapping with typical gusts of wind expected on the 7th storey. This was a particularly important feature for the central blind that runs down in front of the sliding doors, as it acts as a windbreak when the doors are open while still offering the level of solar control as required.

Mounted just above the roofline, intelligent sun sensors measure the light intensity on each elevation, lowering just the screens needed to give the right level of solar control and incoming light diffusion to provide a comfortable internal environment. Wind anenometers automatically retract the screens to prevent damage to the mechanism and fabric during levels of high wind.

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