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Putting the shine into shutters
Friday, 26 November 2010 00:00

Luxaflex’s shiny and new Interior Wood Shutters collection has been designed to complement both contemporary and traditional interiors.

With the demand for shutters escalating across the UK, autumn 2010 will see the launch of a shiny new Luxaflex Interior Wood Shutters collection, which couldn’t have come at a better time!

New to the collection is an exciting range of High Gloss and Piano wood finishes as well as an on-trend Distressed finish to complement the latest interior looks. The collection also offers a multitude of shapes, including triangular, trapezium and hexagonal, for designer or unusually shaped windows, and two new woods, Oak and Cedar, in addition to the standard Basswood. There are also new options including bay posts, top and bottom track for bi-part or bi-fold shutters for even more flexibility and a new competitive entry-level price point, not forgetting the Luxaflex five-year guarantee.

Combining superlative design with timeless style, the Luxaflex Interior Shutter collection exudes quality and elegance and has been intelligently designed to suit any interior style from vintage chic to modern minimalism. The shutters come in three different styles: full height, tier-on-tier (to allow you to fully open one half while leaving the other closed) and café style – just the lower tier – which is ideal for privacy and allowing natural light into an overlooked window. With new easy-to-fit rails and frames and four frame options, even the widest windows can be accommodated.

As well as ensuring privacy and security, this collection features adjustable louvres (now available in four widths: 32, 48, 64 and 89mm) for optimum light control and a means of soundproofing interiors.

Match or contrast with a colour scheme by using the Custom Colour Specialist Service for a truly unique finish, or choose from the new Piano White, Piano Black, Piano Red, Piano Cream, Distressed White, Real Wood Cedar, Real Wood Oak or a range of High Gloss finishes as well as the standard range of colours and stains.

  • For further details or to order a collection book contact Luxaflex on 0161 442 9500 or visit the website


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