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Thoughts for 2009: Eclipse Blind Systems

“Turmoil in the markets during 2008 has created many new challenges for businesses, both large and small.

In our industry, the downturn in the housing market linked with uncertainty in the money supply routes has pushed demand down, especially in the domestic sector. 

There are no signs to suggest that this situation will improve in the short term, in fact, I believe that further deterioration is likely and have taken steps to realign our operational structure to reflect demand, which resulted in a number of redundancies.
Any exercise like this is very difficult, however, it served to strengthen our resolve to focus on helping our customers throughout whatever 2009 will bring.

Our entire management team have gone ‘on the road’ with our sales force to gain a better understanding of the market and our customers’ requirements.

This has helped highlight the need to create opportunities for our customers through the development of products and initiatives, adding value for their customers. Hence, ‘TARGET 2009’ was born, and a promise to our customers: that we will be ‘WITH YOU ALL THE WAY’.

To back up this promise we have arranged to; update our fabric ranges at little or no cost to our customers; redesign and improve traditional systems; introduce an innovative ‘screwless’ roller window blind system to our INTU range; redesigned point of sale displays and aids; set up a series of promotions to capture consumer interest; launch a curtain offer based on our very successful Roman Collection; and we have not forgotten the commercial market either, with exciting new fabric and system developments, again supported by new marketing materials.

With the commissioning of our third stenter now complete, we can better control quality and supply of virtually all of our fabrics. How many suppliers can boast that their fabrics are woven and finished in the UK? 

On top of that, how many individual supply routes can offer: advice on process controls with machinery and equipment to help efficiency; a full range of traditional window blind components from Vertical Blinds through to Venetians and Awnings; a ‘screwless’ range of window blinds, retail display stands and point of sale?

With those initiatives and product developments, we are confident we can fully support our customers and their businesses through a challenging 2009.”



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