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Thoughts for 2009: Markilux

Mr Wurchner, Markilux“With all the daily doom and gloom about a recession in the media, it is perhaps unusual if one goes with a positive attitude in to the year. 2008 will not be a top year in the UK for Markilux.  Measured against the market we are, however, satisfied with the results.

For 2009 we will expand development of our brand Markilux in the UK. For this we have prepared well in 2008. Amongst the major investments to assist our partners in the development of the UK market we will open a purpose-built showroom and training centre in Chester, where the full range of Markilux products and fabrics will be displayed.

There are many major activities involving the Markilux brand which will bring benefits to the UK market. We have the R + T trade fair in Stuttgart ahead of us in February, where Markilux will present many innovations and modifications to its current product range.

We are planning several showrooms and training centres in the sector of design-orientated products. The expansion and qualification of our authorised retail network will also be a focus of our activities in 2009.

A clear positioning of our brand and products geared towards the quality-orientated end user, will help our partners in retail to construct a successful year in 2009.

The overall economic situation may be a little uncertain in 2009, but we feel that we can achieve a good company trade cycle for Markilux and its authorised partners.

We are proceeding confidently into the new season with our growth plans for our partners and for Markilux.

We are a major force in sun protection, so the four most important factors for the new season are Markilux, sun, sun and more sun.”


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