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Gatwick takes off

Levolux has installed 80 motorised blinds at Gatwick airport which will protect staff and passengers  from sun glare

Millions of passengers flying from Gatwick every year, together with hundreds of staff, will be kept cool and safe from dazzling sun glare thanks to top of the range motorised blinds from Levolux.

80 motorised roller blinds from Levolux have been installed at the departure gates of Pier 6, a new 11-pier aircraft stand, attached to the North Terminal by a state of the art bridge.

The landmark Pier 6 development is part of a massive £850m investment by BAA into increasing capacity and customer services available at the airport over the next decade. It is intended to help support Gatwick’s planned growth towards accepting up to 40 million passengers a year.

When Pier 6 was opened in May 2005, it was estimated that 3 million people would travel through the new stand in the first 12 months alone.
Under the contract with specifier Mike Crossley Consult Ltd, Levolux supplied a series of Internal 780 motorised Roller Blinds, together with control units, to the airport to combat overheating and glare. Each of the bespoke roller blinds can be raised or lowered in groups to three set positions and are all automatically operated through radio controlled motors. All of the Levolux 700 Series of Internal Roller Blinds provide designers with a modern selection of products that are said to be ultra reliable, aesthetically pleasing and, most importantly, effectively control glare and reduce solar heat gain. All components are subject to rigid quality standards and are always designed with high performance and an attractive finish in mind.

Mike Crossley of Mike Crossley Consult commented: “This was a difficult project that was professionally executed by Levolux, as a great deal of expertise was shown by the company during the design, procurement and installation stage of the project. Following on, the operations and maintenance stage have been well supported and in all it was a successful project.”                  



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