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Legal Update: White Paper: Equality Bill
The white paper entitled ‘Framework for a Fairer Future” – The Equality Bill seeks to strengthen protection, advance equality and "declutter" the law.

In brief, the bill will suggest:

  • Powers to outlaw unjustifiable age discrimination by those providing goods, facilities and services.
  • Extend the scope of positive action thereby allowing employers to positively discriminate when selecting between equally qualified candidates, although the bill does not suggest an obligation on them to do so.
  • Strengthen enforcement by allowing the tribunal to make wider recommendations to the benefit of the rest of the work force and not just the individual bringing the claim. The bill will also seek to introduce representative actions in discrimination cases so that unions, the ECHR and other bodies can bring claims on behalf of a group of people who have been discriminated against.

  • If you have any queries about any of the matters raised in this article or any other employment law issue please contact David Greenhalgh at H2O Law LLP on 020 7405 4700.

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