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Roman Blind

Roman Blinds fall  into the category known as 'Soft Blinds'.

These are fabrics blinds in various decorative styles that are drawn up to a headrail by cords or tape that are traced through eyelets on the window side of the fabric. The fabric does not have to be as stable as roller blinds and most curtain materials are suitable so the ranges are extensive.

Types and operation

  • Roman blind - this is a classically simple blind that draws up into even panels as it is raised.
  • Festoon blind - this has the material gathered in the width and the drop. This creates a series of permanent swags, whether it is raised or lowered.
  • Austrian blind - this has fullness in the width, with swags at the bottom of the material.
  • Cord operation - the blind cords are drawn up through cord guides in the headrail and tied off to a cleat.
  • Sidewinder - the blind tapes are drawn up around the tape rills on a roller that is operated by a beaded chain.






  • Headrail - in timber or aluminium.
  • Cord guides - porcelain or nylon to direct the draw cords.
  • Cord - polyester.
  • Cleat - nylon or brass to secure the lift cords.



Clearances and gaps

All blinds which can be moved, i.e. extended or retracted, require clearance gaps between the blind and the structure to which it is fixed. This is to provide movement tolerance and prevent damage occurring.The sizes of these clearance gaps vary depending on the type and size of the blind.

In most instances, clearance gaps do not pose a problem, but in special cases, such as dimout/blackout blinds and insect screens, this may be addressed by measures like masking or side channels as set out in the following descriptions.


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