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Pleated Blinds

A pleated blind could be described as a venetian blind with pleated fabric instead of slats, giving a softer effect.

The pleated fabric, usually in 20mm or 25mm pleats, is attached with double sided tape (or similar) to a headrail at the top and to a bottom rail. With a standard free-hanging blind, it is opened by pulling the lift cords, the bottom rail being raised towards the top rail causing a concertina effect as it retracts. The lift cords pass through a cord lock, thus enabling the blind to be held at any height.


Range from translucent to opaque and blackout. They are either plain or patterned (including Jacquard or multi-coloured). Materials are polyester and cellulose-impregnated paper. Reflective, metallised finishes to the external face, flame retardant, Scotchguard and other treatments are available.

Types and operation

  • Free hanging - with cord operation, usually has a weighted bottom rail which makes the blind hang better.
  • Rooflight - with side channels, frame and/or perlon wires through the fabric. They may be cord, wand or hand draw operated.
  • Shaped - most window shapes are easily covered using pleated blinds e.g. rectangular, circular, semi-circular.
  • Dual function - three rails may be used with a different fabric in each section e.g. with the mid-rail to the headrail, a  daytime fabric is in the window and from the mid-rail to the bottom rail, a  night time fabric is viewed.



  • Head and Bottom Rail sections - anodised or painted aluminium.
  • Cord - polyester.
  • Brackets - galvanised or painted steel.
  • Cord lock - locking mechanism to secure the blind in the raised position.
  • Cleat - nylon used to secure cord instead of a cord lock.
  • Tension wire - in perlon or PVC coated steel.

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