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Wednesday, 17 January 2018 00:00

Blinds UK told Blinds & Shutters Magazine that it can supply blinds, curtains and shutters, all at the lowest price.



Blinds UK says that UK retailers can outsource quality made to measure blinds from a local manufacturer or direct from Prices are comparable and there is the opportunity to pay one delivery charge instead of buying from multiple manufacturers and pay multiple delivery charges.

For example, most UK manufacturers are not offering made to measure curtains or roman blinds in their line of products, but a lot of retailers  complement their offer with curtains and roman blinds to secure the deal. That generally means an extra delivery charge to be paid to a different manufacturer. With Blinds UK you do not have this problem as there is only one delivery charge and if order is over £100 delivery is free.

This will be more expensive if the retailer has to order a special fabric from a soft furnishing house and send it to get made up. All these are adding to the cost of the window coverings. Blinds UK offers a complete and economical solution. The company has most of the fabrics online and can make roman blinds or curtains at an even a lower price.

To complement its blinds and curtains range Blinds UK offers plantation shutters and the delivery lead time is only two weeks. Real wood shutters normally take two months to come from China, but Blinds UK’s shutters are not Chinese, and prices are also comparable. No customer likes to wait two months for their windows to be covered and this where the trader can take advantage of Blinds UK’s offer.

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