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Tuesday, 19 June 2018 00:00

Serge Ferrari has a wide choice of solutions for canopies and shade sails

Serge Ferrari’s composite membranes offer a wide choice of high-performance solutions for residential applications such as canopies and shade sails in addition to industrial and service industry projects - microclimatic facades, commercial shading and blinds.

Serge Ferrari is a French industrial group that designs, manufactures and distributes high-technology, ecofriendly flexible composite materials and is leader in architectural shading solutions. The company has developed a broad range of innovative materials which offer solutions to the various challenges of solar protection for individual homeowners and commercial professionals alike.

Combining technical performance, comfort and aesthetics, Serge Ferrari’s products are perfect for canopies and shade sails – an increasingly popular option with homeowners everywhere – and are available in a wide range of colours.

Over the years, Serge Ferrari has been involved in a large number of high-profile architectural projects: a testament to the company’s constant pursuit of innovation and high-quality standards. Now faced with the unique challenges presented by the growing number of energy-efficient renovations undertaken in the service industry, the Serge Ferrari Group, together with two partner companies, recently published a report on the performance of comprehensive solutions for lighting and blind automation.


Ranges and solutions

Elegant sun shading and anti-glare solutions

Shade sails, canopies and blinds protect us from the sun’s glare and heat, both inside the house and out in the garden.

Shade sails are a modern and elegant solution that have become a popular option for homeowners, who are increasingly paying more more attention to outdoor spaces. Whether square, rectangular or triangular in shape, these sails are usually fixed directly to a fa.ade or to the ground using pegs or bolts. Shade sails offer a variety of possible configurations. The wide range of colours available give homeowners the possibility to incorporate the architecture. A single sail is an architectural statement whilst creating multiple shades can bring the indoors and outside together.

Whether free-standing or attached to a wall or fa.ade, the design of canopies and pergolas – either seasonal or permanent – has significantly improved. Providing an extension of indoor space, they offer a stunning solution to enjoy the outdoors longer. Serge Ferrari’s composite membranes are the perfect combination of technical performance and elegant design.

Blinds are an efficient solution to provide shade inside. Available in a wide range of colours, Soltis fabrics offer a variety of styles, ranging from the most classic to the most contemporary designs. Micro-perforated Soltis fabrics in a dark colour and fitted on a window can reduce the temperature inside the house by several degrees in the summer- without obstructing the view outside. Awnings are an efficient alternative for terraces and balconies, providing additional living space outside, while sheltering homeowners from the summer heat.

A broad range of products delivering high energy efficiency with thermal and visual comfort; all the while creating an architectural statement, both for construction and renovation projects. This is what drives Serge Ferrari to develop new composite membranes and to adapt its products to the specific needs of customers in search of creativity and thermal performance.

The Group meets requirements of every new project, both in terms of design and technical performance, by developing eco-efficient materials that contribute to light management and thermal regulation inside buildings by cutting heat gain during summer.

Available both in bolts or panels, Serge Ferrari’s composite membranes become a source of inspiration for every bioclimatic fa.ade built across the service industry including administration buildings, industrial sites, cultural venues, hospitals, shopping centres and parking structures.



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