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Tuesday, 29 May 2018 00:00

The patterns in the Sunday awning fabric collection by the awning manufacturer markilux are orientated towards an international customer base

At the beginning of 2018, the new awning fabric collection by markilux is to be introduced into the market. With the large Sunday Basic collection featuring 195 fabrics, the company wishes to convince not only customers who love a classic look but also those who are more design-orientated or interested in modern trends. Here the collection promises a colour and design universe which is sure to provide relaxing moments on your terrace or balcony.

“An awning, and above all the awning cover, creates an atmosphere by submerging the space underneath it in either a warm, neutral, bright or shaded light. Therefore, using a solar protection awning, it is possible to consciously influence the colour of a terrace and garden”, explains Annette Busch, textile designer at markilux. “To this end, the new Sunday Basic collection offers seven colour ranges in: yellow, orange, red, beige, blue, green and black, in classic right up to modern, trendy designs. In so doing, the company is orientating itself towards international awning manufacturers and specialist partners.”


Taking a break under an awning heaven

In the new collection, Annette Busch has concentrated on designing the 195 patterns to create a relaxed, harmonious overall impression. “Colours and patterns affect our emotions at a subconscious level”, says Ms Busch. “With the patterns in this awning fabric collection, we want to communicate a feeling of well-being, such as when you experience a beautifully sunny Sunday - outside in the garden under a tree, or under solar protection - the feeling of being able to enjoy a little break from everyday life.”


Plain awning fabric colours are highly popular with customers

The collection aims at fulfilling as many different tastes as possible. Therefore, in addition to block stripe fabrics, imaginative stripe variations and a large range of plains and finely-patterned plain colours have been incorporated into the awning fabric collection. As the designer, Ms Busch, explains: “Plain awning fabrics are highly popular today. They are more neutral and somewhat more subtle, or simply provide the desired colour effect on the façade.” For this reason, the number of plain fabrics has increased substantially – whereby the collection as a whole comprises fewer patterns giving a better perspective of what is available.


In keeping with current trends: More non-colour shades

The range of colours available has also been transformed in the new Sunday Basic collection. More emphasis has been placed on non-colour shades such as cream, beige, grey and white. According to Annette Busch, these shades emanate tranquility and reflect furnishing and lifestyle trends which are developing today in the selection of colours, patterns and materials employed both indoors and outdoors. The well known fabric qualities sunvas and sunsilk, which have gained a good foothold in the market, have been retained. In contrast to previous pattern books, the fabrics in the current ones have been sorted only according to colour, which should simplify the selection of awning fabrics in specialist retail partner showrooms.



Technical fabrics round off the collection

The collection is supplemented by technical fabrics for rain and heat protection, such as transolair, perfotex, vuscreen Alu, sunvas perla and sunvas perla FR adding a further 55 patterns. This means that, for textile designer Annette Busch, the Sunday Basic collection has been homogeneously rounded off. “We provide such a large range of colours, patterns and weaves that everyone will be able to find something that appeals to them,”  emphasises Ms Busch, who is eagerly awaiting customers’ reactions to the new patterns.



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