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Thursday, 24 May 2018 00:00

Motorisation impresses everyone, just ask Louvolite

The last couple of years or so have been something of a revolution in a variety of ways.

Motorisation used to be something that the domestic consumer had think long and hard about before delving deep into their pockets to buy that fabulous blind that can be operated at the touch of a button. If they did choose to take the plunge, then fabulous, as that would impress everyone at the next cocktail party.

It’s true, motorised products do impress everyone who sees and uses them – in addition they are totally safe by design from a child safety perspective and oh so easy to operate. Historically the only reason that motorisation wasn’t selected by everyone was the hurdle of their affordability. Over recent years battery technology and innovation, driven by various factors, has led to products being developed which could only have been dreamed of some little time ago.

Louvolite launched its One Touch motorised programme to the industry at the beginning of 2015. From the fantastic One Touch wand option – easier to use than any cord/chain control and with the One Touch and walk away control function – it’s the absolute ideal product as an immediate alternative to traditionally operated window blinds. And we aren’t just talking roller blinds here – Vision blinds, Visage, Cellular, Pleated and even some Roman blinds can be operated with the One Touch wand. The new Louvolite Visage blind is a perfect new product when coupled to a One Touch motor. For any blind selected to be used in children’s bedrooms this is the perfect solution, safe, funky, easy to operate and competitively priced.

For those consumers who wish to be able to operate their blinds by remote control rather than the convenience of a wand, the One Touch lithium battery motor is the answer. A sleek and modern remote with a powerful, quiet, rechargeable lithium motor. This unit works with all the product groups appropriate to tubular operating systems – roller blinds (of course), Visage, Vision, Roman blinds, cellular & pleated blinds. Once again Louvolite brings you one operating system to cover multiple blind types.

An extension to the charging unit allows those less able to reach the charger point at fixing height of the blind, such as the more elderly consumer or perhaps disabled customers. The unit is ultra reliable and does exactly what the discerning consumer would want it to do – what’s more, once again the unit is very competitively priced and allows the blind maker to offer really affordable luxury and convenience across a wide range of Louvolite products. In addition Louvolite has introduced a solar charging unit that drip-feeds the Lithium battery to remove the need to plug in a charger. This is absolutely ideal for those blinds in hard to get to locations or for any consumer with a limiting disability or illness - the blind essentially charges itself.

Louvolite has extended its range of motor options to include hard-wired systems for use in larger domestic or commercial installations. Neat, efficient and absolutely up to the task, the Louvolite hard wired motors are quietly and effectively satisfying an increasing demand in this section of the market. All supported by the famous Louvolite service and support, all backed by the Louvolite name - one you can trust, and offered across a diverse and high quality range of product types and finishing touches. A name and product you can build your reputation on.

So innovative product development has once again increased the operating options for the consumer – motorised blinds were once out of reach of the typical consumer – merely a dream – they are now very much a reality.



Are you worried about the upcoming child safety legislation?

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