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The secret of their success
Monday, 14 May 2018 00:00

Venetian blinds are still a big seller, as Blinds & Shutters found out

Variety and choice is now synonymous with the venetian blind. The blind trade has witnessed a tremendous growth over the past decade with no indications of the growth diminishing.

Should consumer buying trends continue, demand for quality wood and aluminum venetians at a price point will be maintained. The benefits of a venetian blind hold strong;

• Venetians offer ultimate light control – blinds can be tilted to desired position, fully closed or raised enabling optimum light flow into a room.

• Venetians can offer ultimate child safe options with cordless and motorisation options.

• The variety of colours and finishes available is vast offering designs, texture and colour, they can be paired with simple neutrals, bright colours or monochrome adding balance or contrast.

• Wood offers energy efficient properties; being a natural product, air is retained in cellular pockets throughout its construction which helps prevent the movement of heat through the blind. Wood retains heat in a room in the winter and reflects heat in the warmer months.

The success of venetians is due to its ability to be manufactured and marketed to several levels of consumer. Developments in manufacturing and enhancing product supply relations have led to the conception of specific Brand targeting to suit varying market segments. Handcrafted Timberlux venetians present the ultimate wood venetian, with the ability to personalise a blind to the consumers taste finished with tentative perfection. Sunwood offers a high-quality venetian with efficient lead times, this brand has evolved to offer both wood and faux wood collections. Along with motorisation which, in turn, makes the brand more attractive to a wider audience.

Alumitex 25mm venetians not only offer a collection of 130 colours, designs and finishes but can also offer motorisation which facilitates an additional upsell to the end consumer.

The future for venetians continues to look positive, ultimately consumers desire a blind that is versatile and suits their interior styling. Through its continued growth, venetians have proven to be a flexible product, suiting numerous profile groups. For sustained success it is imperative the blind industry keeps abreast of consumer needs. Motorisation and child safety will continue to be elemental in new product development. Cordless control and the increase in home automation will lead to the blind trade upselling motorisation. Entry level motors are becoming more end user friendly through integration with easy to use smart phone apps and home assistants such as Amazon Echo and Google home. This will inevitably increase the demand for motorised blinds, in turn maintaining the growth of what we know as one of the most versatile product we sell… the venetian blind!



Are you worried about the upcoming child safety legislation?

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