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That Sunday feeling
Friday, 27 April 2018 00:00

The new cover collection from the awning experts, markilux, has an emphasis on colour and individuality. It promises a rich lifestyle feeling for balconies and patios.

Markilux, brings its own cover collection onto the market every five years; the last time was in 2013. With the new “markilux collection”, the company wants to score points once again from 2018 on with its textiles and its colour know-how. 300 fabrics, ranging from the classic to the colourful and trendy, offer a wide spectrum of patterns and special technical fabrics. There is also plenty of extravagance with architectural, fashion and lifestyle influences as well as surprising yarn and colour effects. And on top of all that: Exclusive colour choice à la carte.

A good eighteen months of creative, analytical and technical work have gone into the new cover collection from the awning manufacturer, according to Annette Busch, textile designer at markilux. “With the current design concept, the focus of the collection is to appeal to a large market on the one hand, but also cleverly playing the cards of  extravagance, colour variety and an individual touch” on the other hand.  The result is exceptionally harmonious series within the collection,” thinks Annette Busch. These also include the large base collection “Sunday” and the well-known exclusive “visutex” series, supplemented by special technical fabrics for sun, glare and heat protection.


The base collection promises that every day will be like a Sunday

The Sunday collection, with its 195 fabrics and seven colour themes, appeals to an international customer base of awning manufacturers and specialist partners. The colours and patterns have been chosen so that every customer can find something for him or herself in the collection. The patterns have become increasingly international over the years and also enjoy a special kind of colour harmony in the new collection. Designer Annette Busch’s intention is to evoke emotions with the covers. “Colours have an effect on how we feel. We have imbued the collection once again with this knowledge and experience, with the aim of achieving that Sunday feeling thanks to the beautiful colour compositions of the awning covers. We want you to put your feet up under an awning cover for a little time-out and simply relax. And you can do that every day, assuming that the sun is shining, of course,” says Ms Busch.


Exclusive cover patterns: From fashion to special effects

The exclusive visutex collection, which has been specially woven for the past ten years for our own awning brand, also attracts through its emotional impact and extravagance. The 50 patterns display a fine twill look, flowing colour shifts, changing yarns and coloured light effects. The company is thereby picking up on current lifestyle trends, according to Ms Busch. “Alongside weaving techniques that create a sense of space in the patterns, inspired by architecture, and which were part of the last collections, patterns from the world of luxury fashion, new types of yarn and innovative technical processes have all been added to the mix,” says Ms Busch. Furthermore, our own colour expertise has also been developed: The colour world of our covers has even more nuances and is more individual. For example, the company also offers to dye its plain sun protection covers according to the principle of “colour on demand” in small quantities and in almost any RAL colour. Ms Busch emphasizes: “We are specialists in this domain and we are presenting our customers with an even more exclusive service by offering them the option of choosing from around 16 million possible colours.”


Fewer classic stripes but plenty of plains instead

Alongside new colours, cover looks and yarns, classics and the tried-and-tested, such as striped patterns, mini checks or linen looks, also have their place in the ‘markilux collection’. However, there are fewer traditional striped fabrics this time, making way for a large range of plains, barely patterned plains and tone-in-tone creations, which are in very high demand amongst customers. This is also reflected in the layout of the two pattern books: Plain and patterned fabrics are mixed in with one another and are now only arranged according to colours. The two cover qualities, sunvas and sunsilk, with sunvas dominating, are also mixed in the pattern books in the new, handy format. All of this, and the lower number of patterns in this collection, should make it easier for end consumers to choose their cover at their specialist retailer.


A huge variety of patterns and colours

Looking back on the experiences gained from the cover qualities sunvas and sunsilk, Annette Busch explains: “Both fabrics are high-tech products that have been tested over many years and have successfully found their own niche in the market. They are colourfast, fade-resistant, stable, can handle almost any type of weather and are incredibly environmentally friendly. This is something our customers appreciate.” Moreover, only this fabric, and especially the technical know-how that can be applied to it, have made it possible for us to offer such a wide range of colours. The designer is convinced that the modern, experimental and extravagant features of the current collection could only be developed on the basis of this textile material. “This is the only way it was possible for us to test new weaving methods and yarn types again, to play with colours, and to give the awning cover an even more creative touch as a lifestyle product. And that is precisely why every customer can find their own personal cover in the “markilux collection”, the designer says with certainty.



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