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Collecting, preparing and connecting data

Markilux says that by collecting accurate data, better decisions can be made

The product management department of awning manufacturer markilux is an important hub where all product data comes together

Being able to act and react quickly is becoming more important for companies than ever before. Technical developments are evolving rapidly. Customers want to be informed in real time and the data volume is constantly growing. Being well organised and well connected is a key factor. The product management department has been responsible for this task of fully integrating the product world of the awning since 2016.

Klaus Ascheberg, head of the product management department at the awning manufacturer markilux and his seven colleagues, check and control the data flow for all product information in the company, relevant to publications. Important points of contact involving the awning product, from technology, sales and product development meet one another in their department. One main task is to collect, prepare and organise product data and make it available to other departments. In the department itself, it is mainly about information that is useful for the relationship with specialist partners. “Our main focus is the organisation of, and responsibility for the data used in technical documentation, catalogues and price lists. Since 2016, we have been using a so-called Media Asset Management System to do this: software we can use to manage and intelligently connect all data,” says Klaus Ascheberg. As a long-term company employee and member of the management team, he has been leading the new department since the beginning of last year.

The hub that guarantees a smooth flow of data

Klaus Ascheberg's team also supports the development of new products from a data point of view. Product management develops market analyses for the company's future, strategic orientation and collects information on the competition as well. “We are the central point of contact, which keeps the content of all technical information updated. This also includes product data for the end consumer. In this we are closely linked to the marketing and business development departments,” explains Mr Ascheberg. The product management department prepares end consumer data for these departments so that it can be employed online and offline in various communication channels.


Ability to react more quickly to customer enquiries

Klaus Ascheberg is convinced that the close cooperation between various departments creates plenty of advantages: “Interaction between departments takes place much more quickly and smoothly with the new Content Management System. Everyone can immediately access the data relevant to him or her. We save time and can react faster to customer enquiries,” he says in conclusion. This creates a distinct competitive advantage. After all, fast action and the furnishing of information in real time is simply expected by customers nowadays.



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