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Crestron says it has launched the ultimate in automated shades of luxury


Crestron has launched its latest innovation for the home interiors market. Crestron shades are a luxury collection of automated blinds and drapery that allow precise control of natural light at the touch of a button.  With both automated and manual control, the Shades range offers the ultimate in controllable interiors.


Using exclusive Quiet Motor Technology, the Shades range has the versatility to transform any room, adapt to any environment and benefit every user, working in harmony with Crestron technology to enrich home life and make everyday living effortless. Controlled using keypads, touch screens or mobile devices, lifestyle scenes integrating lights, shades, thermostats and music can be instantly altered. Providing precision control and ultra-quiet performance, backed by a lifetime warranty and available in widths up to 15 feet, the benefits of Crestron Shades are endless.



The modern day home encompasses more windows than light switches and in a modern day home, time is of the essence. Rather than rushing around opening and closing window treatments morning and night, Crestron lighting control and shading solutions save you time by taking care of this simple yet time consuming  task at the touch of a button. Crestron technology provides pre-programmed settings to adjust integrated elements like shades, lighting and music for everyday lifestyle activities such as watching television, meal times or bedtime.



The stress of everyday life usually begins by waking up to the sound of the alarm in the morning. Crestron Shades can be set to rise in silence, naturally waking you with the morning sunrise rather than an alarm. Crestron lighting and shades infuse your home with simple comforts that are the essence of luxury living.



Automated shades are installed with personalised controls that reflect an easy and effortless lifestyle. Crestron technology replaces the unsightly wall clutter of switches throughout the home, with one sleek in wall touch screen or elegant designer keypads, complete with backlit engraved buttons. Shades also enhance your view and improve internal and external aesthetics without the need for unsightly and temperamental pull cords.

Crestron Shades offer an exclusive Colour Match service so you can design the perfect shade in any colour you wish. By simply providing a pantone colour or a sample of paint, fabric, or any small item, Crestron can scan the colour, match it and send a proof for approval.



Shades can be easily integrated with other security elements, giving peace of mind to homeowners when their home is empty. Crestron lighting and shading technology can control the household’s daily movements which are then mirrored when the homeowner is away; discouraging intruders by giving the impression the home is occupied as usual. Shades can also be controlled remotely, so you can rest assured your home is secure for when plans change and also ready for you when you return.


Energy saving

As well as making life easier, automated blinds are cost efficient. Proven to reduce bills with year round savings on electrical, heating and cooling costs, Shades are a great long term investment. As much as 50% of energy in the home is lost through windows, adding an increase of around 25% to heating costs and up to 75% to air-conditioning costs.  Shades effortlessly provide insulation and manage solar heat gain, eliminating wasted energy (heat loss) by raising or lowering the window treatments based on time of day, room temperature, light sensor readings, occupancy or season.


UV Protection

UV rays are not only harmful to skin, but also to our home. Over time they can damage furniture, artwork and flooring. Crestron technology allows you to automate Shades in accordance with the sun’s position throughout the day, making the most of the natural daylight, saving on electricity costs and protecting your assets.


Artisanal luxury

The Hartmann & Forbes fabric collection created exclusively for Crestron, provides hundreds of designer inspired colours and patterns, offering something for everyone. The bespoke range of hand woven fabrics  use natural fibres which are sustainably grown and environmentally friendly.


Easy upgrades

With installer-friendly hardware, Shades provide the flexibility to easily upgrade from a Crestron manual blind to a motorised blind without having to purchase new hardware or fabric.


Lifetime warranty

Crestron are firm believers in their products which is why only Crestron offers a lifetime warranty for the shade motors which use the exclusive Creston Quiet Motor Technology, providing efficiency and quality with exceptional technology.


Complete Home Automation

Crestron is the only company that offers a complete solution. It designs, manufactures and supports all products in a home automation system. Crestron’s automated luxury Shades can easily be integrated into any existing Crestron home automation system.

As well as the home, automated Crestron Shades lend themselves perfectly to the commercial environment. Office and work spaces can benefit from the convenience and comfortable working environment that the system offers as well as the aesthetically pleasing appearance internally and externally.

Thanks to the abundant selection of designer fabrics, ultra-quiet motors, and installer-friendly hardware, Crestron offers the perfect solution for automated shades. Crestron Shades will be available to purchase through specified dealers and integrators. For more information about Crestron Shades and other Crestron products visit




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