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‘Tis the season for visual impact
Friday, 24 November 2017 11:41

Make your window displays a real selling point

It may be early for some of us to be thinking about Christmas but for the high street planning for Christmas started months ago! We all know the excitement and anticipation that builds for the Oxford Street Christmas lights switch on and the unveiling of Christmas window displays of the main high street stores.


Obtaining visual impulse is key to all retail environments, especially during the build up to Christmas. As a trade we should be thinking now of how our shop windows and showrooms can obtain that all important visual stimuli.


Wow Windows

The first physical interaction a potential customer has with a retail store is the window display; This communicates the types of products sold in store and shapes the image of the entire brand. A great window display forms the opinions people have of a retail store, leading the consumer to enter the store. Window displays can be used to showcase products and can be perfect for changing with the seasons or a conceptual theme. Making a Christmas window the perfect time to start! Bright red, metallics and green can easily catch the eye of a passerby.


Companies within our industry who have started to create statement windows and showrooms have reaped the benefits of increased customer footfall and in turn more sales. End consumers who would have normally walked or driven past the store made a point of visiting, enabling the store to convert the sale or book a home visit.


The Customer Showroom

Visual merchandising plays a huge role in meeting the human desire to be aesthetically pleased. Essential for a successful showroom combines a mix of product style and colour. It is vital that a showroom displays a broad range of products to appeal to differing decorative tastes creating a balanced showroom appealing to a wide range of consumers.

Well displayed products and a welcoming shop display creates a good vibe for customers. Working in conjunction with marketing materials such as brochures, product photography and POS increases the chances of finalizing a sale. Seeing a full blind allows the consumer to picture the product in their own home. Bright displays enable consumers to think of other choices other than always choosing safe neutrals.


No one can underestimate the power of showrooms and displays for selling add-ons. Accessories can change a plain blind to one the matches the unique personality of the consumer. Adding bottom bar finishes, braids and motorisation on displays allows the customer to “think outside the box” and purchase outside their norm.

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Introducing seasonal or themed displays does not have to be difficult, a few simple props and a little thought behind a concept can go a long way in increasing your customer footfall.



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