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Tuesday, 14 November 2017 00:00

From now on, the markilux 970 will also be available with  Shadeplus


The markilux 970 folding-arm cassette awning appears to have established itself firmly in the market. Shortly after its launch, the manufacturers reacted to customer demands by increasing the size matrix, and from the beginning of 2017, the awning will also be available with the Shadeplus function.

“Equipping this awning with a further function is a clear sign that this new product is popular with customers”, says Michael Gerling, head of technology at markilux. “Market analyses and sales figures show that we have earned points with our end consumers through our new cassette awning. Above all the clear design, which received three awards last year, has brought them round. The simple, square shape, which suits purist, straight-lined architecture as frequently seen today, has also delighted them. So it was a logical consequence for us to equip the awning with a further attractive function such as the Shadeplus”.


Shadeplus function highly popular with end consumers


This additional awning within an awning is in high demand amongst our customers, as it not only protects against glare, but also retains the warmth under the awning just that little bit longer. “The Shadeplus supplements the classic awning with a height of approximately one metre seventy centimetres to form a room outdoors, and many end consumers value this function highly, as it permits them to stay outside for longer”, says Mr Gerling. However, the slim appearance of the awning is not changed at all when the Shadeplus is



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