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Roman power
Tuesday, 07 November 2017 00:00

Eclipse has a motorised roman blind


New products and technologies fill our home with automated solutions making our lives easier. Motorised blinds are no different, revolutionising the window coverings industry! Motorised blinds give us greater control and flexibility, as well as new ways to ensure user safety remains at the forefront.

At Eclipse we like to innovate and excite. Building on the success of our motorised Powershade Roller System, we developed Powershade Roman, a bespoke system developed for the growing popularity of the Roman blind.

A luxurious and affordable motorised blind with a quiet and smooth operation as well as easy assemble, Powershade Roman is the latest in modernisation. With no hanging cords or chains, Powershade Roman offers a child safe option giving you peace of mind.

Powershade Roman can be tailored to suit the needs of each customer, with a single channel remote allowing for blinds to be lifted and lowered at the same time, or to alternate the height of different blinds a 15-channel remote is also available.

The blind comes with a choice of 3 power options; a standard battery tube with space for 8 AA batteries, a mains adapter or a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack. This gives the consumer the choice of options to suit their needs. Furthermore, the system has been specifically developed so the dual motor sits in the middle of the blind which ensures the blind lifts evenly.

Powershade Roman can be used alongside any of our stylish Roman fabrics in the Style Studio Collection.


Tel:  0141 814 3500.



Are you worried about the upcoming child safety legislation?

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