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Roof terraces are an ideal place to get away from it all

Terrace roofs are more versatile than ever in terms in their size, technical design and optical appearance. They provide comfortable weather protection - against too much sun, increasing wind or rain showers. The systems can be ideally adapted to the meteorological and structural conditions. There are good reasons why the demand for terrace roofs has risen continuously in the private and public spheres in the last few years.

Open for everything

The Belgian company Renson, for example, focuses on modern, staightforward and modularly designed terrace roofs. The Algarve system therefore satisfies the demand for a solid, free-standing roof which can also be opened if required. Algarve Roof, the special installation variant, also enables the lamella roof to be integrated between already existing masonry or frame structures.

Camargue terrace roofing is used if the roof is to be extended into a garden pavilion, provide more privacy and protection against the weather, and still ensure pleasant conditions during windy and rainy conditions. "In addition to the lamella roof which can be opened through turning, this variant contains nearly every comfort accessory almost like in a fixed building," said Sales Manager Christian Thomas. The pavilion can be equipped as required with sliding glass walls, stormproof vertical awnings, different types of sliding slatted shutters, LED lighting, radiant heating or loudspeakers for example. Christian Thomas: "Many of these options are integrated almost invisibly in the structure of the terrace roof." A clear view of the sky is possible with Skye: in this case the roof not only opens, but also moves completely sidewards.

During the development of terrace roofs, close attention is always paid to high workmanship and minimum maintenance. The rainwater caught by the lamellas is invisibly discharged into the posts and cables lines are discreetly integrated in the supporting structure. The terrace roofs have a modular design while an element can measure up to 4.5 x 6 metres. "Large terraces can also be covered if several modules are combined. This system is therefore also suitable, for example, for upmarket restaurants or for hotels," explained Christian Thomas.

The lamellas provide protection against rain, sun and wind, and allow warm air to escape upwards in summer when opened slightly, thus producing a pleasant climate.


Optimised models

Nova Hüppe will also present entirely flexible systems. managing director Normen Strecker can already reveal something: "We will exhibit a new version of our Novatop Q. at R+T 2018." The special features of the current model of this shading solution are its quality and flexibility.

The Novatop Q.bus impresses with its design based on modern architecture, flexible design leeway and a patented lowering mechanism. Designed in the basic version as a completely free-standing system with four posts, the basic model can be extended almost infinitely with other Q.bus systems to create the largest possible shading systems. A wall-mounted version is also available. "In this case the system is mounted directly on the house façade and can also be designed as a 'corner version'," said Normen Strecker.

The drop-out profiles and stronger box dimensions currently permit maximum width sizes of 600 or 550 centimetres for the main curtain and a largest possible drop of 400 or 450 centimetres. Normen Strecker: "The features which can be incorporated in the system are also interesting. They include, for example, an audio system that is integrated in the frame and enables the Q.bus to act as a resonator." Also very popular are embedded LED spotlights and umbrella heaters which extend the time spent outside considerably.“


Everything considered

During the leading world trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection systems, trade visitors can see a large number of solutions for terrace roof systems live in operation and obtain an extensive picture of what solutions will enable their customers to extend the outdoor season significantly in future. And all this irrespective of what structural conditions are specified, what freak weather conditions occur or what individual design wishes are requested by customers.



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