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Keeping it clean
Monday, 08 August 2016 00:00

The new markilux 970 states the case for clean contours

With the design of its awnings, markilux has time and again shown angles and edges as well as round shapes over the years. It seems that this has appealed to their customers. Therefore the look of the current new product, the cassette awning markilux 970, too, is simple and angular.

Contemporary architecture is one thing above all: purist. Straight lines, a clear-cut design, no frills to be seen. Nothing distracts the eye. This form of lifestyle culture conveys peace to the senses. And then it makes sense to adapt any additional detail to complement the architecture.

The power of the shape lies in its simplicity

This was also the objective of the developers and designers of the markilux 970. At first glance, the new folding-arm awning resembles its role model, the MX-1, which won several design awards and was introduced into the market a year ago. Precisely as in that awning, the design of the new model has been reduced to the essential - angular with nuanced curves. Plain, clear-cut design. However, with its overall height of only 14 centimetres and maximum width of five metres it is more compact and filigree.

The design resembles the MX-1 in terms of appearance

The intention is that the new model complement the markilux 990. According to the manufacturer, that has been the bestselling awning of the past years. "The 990 stands for round contours. Yet our customers would also like to have an angular awning in this price category, which reflects architectural contours to an even greater extent and has smaller dimensions than the MX-1, as the latter is of considerable size and not suited to every façade or housing situation", says R&D manager Sven Kröner. In terms of look and technology, however, both awnings have several elements in common. Apart from its angular shape, the new product  also sports a panel in the front profile, which is available in the subtle colours of the Lounge style line but also in modern contrasting colours. The new model is equipped with LED spotlights, which illuminate the seating area under the awning in the evening and are attached to a multi-functional slot in the underside of the cassette. Like the MX-1, the 970 is also equipped with a tilt device. It sets the pitch of the awning to an angle between 5 and 30 degrees prior to extension, depending on the clearance height required. From a pitch of 14 degress, this will ensure that rain water runs off the awning cove.

A rubber seal on the upper edge of the housing closes flush with the profile and replaces the previously standard brush seal. Damp remains outside, just like dirt. And the front profile of the awning closes extremely quietly according to Mr Kröner.

Time-saving technology aids fast installation

The new model uses a completely new pin technology for installation which makes fixture of the awning easier and faster. Each end of the awning housing is pushed onto two pins, which are fixed to the wall with a bracket. They can be firmly attached to the awning from in front of the housing. "This technology, which is awaiting patent approval and which we have called OSCAR, makes hanging up the body of the awning significantly easier. OSCAR stands for One Screw Connects, Adjusts, Retains. The adjustment of the awning on the wall, below a soffit or below rafters is consequently much easier than using other fixture methods and saves an appreciable amount of time", says Sven Kröner with pleasure.

The markilux 970 is available in the following colours of the Lounge style line: off-white textured finish, stone grey metallic, anthracite metallic and Havana brown textured finish, as well as in the standard RAL colours traffic white and white aluminium. It is equipped with manual gearbox operation and on request the manufacturer also offers it with a radio-controlled motor. The new awning became available in April 2016.



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