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Monday, 14 December 2015 13:40

Louvolite says that vertical blinds are still the most flexible way to furnish a window

Do you know, sometimes it seems like certain products can be the victims of their own success. Everybody wants them - until everybody has them - and then nobody loves them anymore – know what I mean?
Fortunately this is not true with vertical blinds, although occasionally you do hear stories about them being not as popular as years ago. Really?

Many years ago the writer was a blue eyed innocent embarking on a road of discovery in the window blind industry (wasn’t actually blue eyed but the line worked well).  Whilst driving between calls to clients – lots of driving and few clients in those days – he would pass homes with windows full of lace curtains. Gosh – what would it be like if we could change the country’s buying habits and magically turn those net curtains into vertical blinds. Well guess what – we did, and how? Walk or drive down almost any street in the country and vertical louvre blinds will be visible in a huge number of the windows. OK - these days the width has moved from 127mm to the increasingly more popular 89mm and they now dress the majority of windows, not just the new-fangled “patio door” that was the bees knees in the 70’s and 80’s.

Vertical blinds are still the most flexible way to furnish a window. Totally closed – drawn fully back – tilted through 360 degrees – half closed, half open – split draw, one way draw , centre bunch, the  list is almost endless. And the fabrics? My word the choice of fabrics available for selection is absolutely immense. Louvolite offers around 250 different fabric options in 89mm and 127 mm – all ex-stock, cut length if required, same day despatch. That’s a far cry from the writer’s first offering of two ranges (Louvotex and Louvolux), seven colours in each, 5” wide and, go on, who remembers Louvotex 502 Beige and Louvolux 761 Oatmeal? If you do you are older than you may care to admit.

The array of fabrics that can now be chosen for use as vertical louvres is absolutely staggering . Such a choice even further emphasises the flexibility of this product . Sure there are great value products such as Basix and Bolero, industry stalwarts like Carnival, now refreshed with a new weave and 48 amazing colours. Delicate designs such a Flutter or Papillon which surprise and delight the consumer with their style and grace. The most recent development is the ability to combine printed design louvres with plain louvres.

A number of Louvolite printed design louvres feature colours selected from the 48 colours of Carnival. Select a combination of one of the plain colours and enhance or accent it with a blaze of the appropriate printed design and the effect can be amazing.

But still, on occasion it may be stated that vertical blinds have had their day, we would beg to differ (Louvolite customers’ sales would support our position). Perhaps it’s time we just changed the product‘s name.

How about louvre curtains?



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