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Detection is better than cure
Friday, 12 June 2015 12:18

Motorisation is here to stay and SHY is continuing to develop its product

As a leading provider of commercial roller blind systems, SHY (UK) continue to expand and develop its product range. The company recently introduced an extensive new fabric collection and is now pleased to announce their latest development - a suite of motors with built in obstacle detection technology for their ZIP System.

These tubular motors which have an extensive and proven pedigree detect an obstruction, automatically stopping to prevent damage to the blind or the obstruction, so providing the ultimate in safe, reliable and trouble-free operation.

To prevent the motor stopping inadvertently it makes three attempts to pass the obstruction with a clever mix of mechanical and electrical technology ensuring that the motors accurately detect real obstacles.

These motors are designed for internal and also external blinds, where the odd gust of wind will not engage the obstacle detection when not required and there are other clever features which make them ideal for ZIP blinds of almost any size.
Limit setting is very simple as there is no need to access the motor at any time. The blind is just fully raised and lowered and the motor senses the top and bottom of the blind travel and memorises these two positions. Soft stop is also a standard feature.

Commenting on this new range of automation SHY (UK)’s managing director, Martin Dibben said: “We sell far more electric products than we do manual so this new range of motors is an important addition to our offer. Their features will be a real advantage to our dealers and will help prevent call-backs or expensive repairs for damaged blinds where obstructions have been left in the way.”

Using these new motors SHY (UK) can make Zip Screen blinds up to 6m wide x 10m drop.



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