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Thursday, 04 June 2015 11:30

Motorisation is here to stay and Deans Blinds has the answers for all your questions

Deans Blinds and Awnings have been serving London for 120 years and in that time have seen many changes in the way that people use the space in their homes, during the last few years there has been a huge increase in the amount of people renovating their homes using large glazed areas such as Bifold doors and Roof Lanterns or Skylights.

Like all shading companies Deans has looked for the best way to offer its clients a solution to heat, glare and UV, to control the light and when necessary to even black out some areas. The solutions that we offer incorporate motorisation, this we have found to be the very best way to operate large blinds for Patio, Bifold Doors and solid glass walls this is also true for Roof Lantern and Skylight blinds.

All of Deans motorised blinds use Somfy RTS motors these offer our clients the very best options for all situations, the company can install battery operated motors for small blinds Somfy Sonesse for the larger 240v roller blinds, we even use the same Somfy Sonesse for large Duette blinds. If we install blinds to Roof Lanterns or Skylights we make sure the products are made with Somfy RTS motors, we feel the Somfy motors offer our customers good value for money with the backup of a good guarantee.

Having motorised blinds means Deans can offer our customers different options for control, we start with a standard wire free wall switch to operate one blind or a group of blinds together, then we offer remote controls again single operation or multi channels remotes that will offer single and group operation in one unit, we even supply a remote control with a built in timer function to raise and lower the blinds even when you are not there. Then we can install a Sun sensor so if the room is in direct Sunlight during the day the blinds will close automatically. All of these options have only been made available by using motorisation and we now install more motorised blinds than manual ones.

So like all products that once were just for the wealthy motorised blinds have now trickled down into the mainstream and installed to all types of homes large and small, prices have lowered and quality has increased, this aligned with easy to use wall switches or remote controls and simple installation means that motorised blinds are only going to get more popular.  As Deans has learnt in its 120 year history you always need to keep on top of new and exciting opportunities and motorisation for internal and external blinds is here to stay.



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