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Thursday, 21 May 2015 11:18

Choosing the right software is vital for your business as Vivek Rao of Blind Matrix explains

Choose the right blinds management software is important as you need to make sure that it is designed with you in mind

It really can make a huge difference to the efficiency of your business; streamlining it, making it more profitable and improving customer service.

Providing of course you choose the right management software. So here’s a few tips.

Make sure that you choose a solution that has been specifically designed with you in mind, by a software supplier that understands your needs and the challenges that you face, and has worked with your industry for many years.

Research the capabilities of the management software system and ensure that it will do what you need it to do.

Also, choose a supplier who will:

  • implement your chosen solution with minimal effort or disruption to you;
  • configure and manage the set up of your system;
  • tailor the system to meet your specific requirements;
  • are there when you need them.


Make sure you read the companies testimonials to see what their clients are saying about them.

The right software solution will help you automate processes and streamline operations resulting in improved efficiency. Ultimately this will give you more time to attract new customers and grow.

At BlindMatrix understands that whilst most blind companies have a lot of similarites often there are some difference to the next blind companies that are unique. We will spend a lot of time ensuring that BlindMatrix is customised to you rather than you have to change how you do business around the software.

We do this in a way that causes minimal effort from yourself so that when we hand over the system to you it will be in a near ideal state.

Often after we have implemented and trained you on the system you may come back to us with further requirements and customisations we will happily take them on board without charging anything further.




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