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Landing in Mayfair
Tuesday, 28 April 2015 00:00

A range of rainscreen panels and shutters have been installed at a building in London’s Mayfair

Architectural metal fabrication specialists Metalline have supplied a range of bespoke anodised aluminium rainscreen panels and perforated shutters, to the side, rear and front of a luxury residential development in Hanover Street. The development sits within the conservation area of London’s Mayfair district.

Sandwiched between a retail unit and some 2000 square feet of office space, the seven storey shuttered façade reflects the historical military tailors that used to occupy this part of London. Their tailoring techniques, forms of embroidery and bronze detailed shop fronts were an inspiration for the architects Squire and Partners, whose detailed design of the bronze panelled façade, included glimpses of deep red in the shutter reveals with 45mm diameter punched holes intended to replicate the stripes on a Sergeants uniform.

Fabricated on a CNC turret punch press using high grade J57S aluminium, the exterior featured hook on rainscreen panels finished in bronze anodised and aluminium infills in a red polyester powder coating.

The balcony detail was enhanced with impressive folding shutter doors designed to offer, security, shading, ventilation and noise control from the streets below. The outer skin to the shutters was finished in bronze anodised to match the exterior panels. They also featured a regency gold anodised finish to the side plates and a red polyester powder coating to the interior screen that when folded added to the aesthetic design of the building.

Metalline has over 25 years experience of working with architects and contractors supplying high quality fabricated metalwork on a range of prestigious projects. It is renowned throughout the UK and in particular for its research and development into anodised finishes.



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