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A perfect match
Wednesday, 22 April 2015 11:17

Louvolite says that cellular fabrics are now fully accepted by the industry and have a number of benefits

For the majority of the blind industry, the acceptance of honeycombe, or cellular fabrics over and above the more widely used pleated fabric has been a lower process than perhaps expected. This may have partly been due to the much wider variety of pleated fabric options available to the blind maker or with some of the perceived additional challenges faced when manufacturing blinds to satisfy full conservatory installations including roof systems. Either way, there is no doubting that the industry is now recognising the features that cellular products bring to the consumer and the wider choices available reflect this.

The Louvolite cellular fabric options include a translucent fabric, Sola, and a blackout version using the same base fabric colours, Nova. The two fabrics together bring 16 fashionable options and are offered at the conventional (and easily manageable) width of 1.83 metres. Both fabrics have been designed to negate the flattening out of the cellular pleat by maintaining a flat appearance to the back of the fabric producing a pronounced pleat effect to the face.

One of the most obvious benefits of a pleated fabric is the fact that the inner cords actually pass through the centre of the “cell” and as they are not on the surface of the fabric, they are not visible. This also has a significant secondary benefit from a child safety perspective as the cords are not accessible.

The Louvolite Cellular programme also offers the ability for consumers to combine the elements of both the Sola and Nova in what is sometimes known as a “day night blind”. This option combines both fabrics with a floating intermediate rail. Each of the fabric types are fitted to either fixed rail and the consumer can select the full window area to be covered by either a translucent Sola fabric and then an opaque Nova fabric. As the intermediate rail is raised or lowered it collects one of the fabric types and deploys the other, simple yet very effective.

A much lauded benefit of the cellular blind is that they help in reducing heat loss during the winter months.  As the “cell”  design captures a pocket of air this design also helps reduce the amount of warm air escaping though a window  during the  winter months . Whilst this is true of all fabric types the double layer of fabric along with the cellular design does have additional benefits over a traditional pleated shade.  In addition the same pocket of air reduces solar heat gain in the summer months.

It is sometimes best to save the best until last and perhaps the best thing about Louvolite cellular fabrics is how well they pair with the Louvolite Perfect Fit progamme. The Perfect Fit product is recognised as the neatest and simplest installation method available when used with modern double-glazing installations. Work conducted to establish heat loss reduction when using window shades also established that the Perfect Fit framing system reduced heat loss still further when compared to products used without Perfect Fit.

When you combine the two elements of Louvolite cellular fabric with Perfect Fit you really do achieve a 1 +1 = 3 situation with each product seamlessly combining to create a unique and beautiful window decoration that is both functional and at the cutting edge of design.



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