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Friday, 27 February 2015 11:13

SHY has introduced a new range of screen and black-out fabrics

The need to create more comfortable working environments and to save energy has led to an increased focus on the performance of blind systems and the fabrics they use. And whilst a hard-nosed quantity surveyor will always have a view on price SHY (UK) are certainly seeing a trend towards more discerning customers and more detailed specifications.

To capitalise on these trends SHY (UK) have reviewed their entire fabric offer leading to the launch of a brand new collection of screen and black-out fabrics for their commercial roller blind range.

The key considerations when developing the new range were:

  • Durable, robust and stable cloths to cope with tensioned systems and blinds up to 72 square metres
  • Proven technical performance in terms of thermal (heat) and optical (light) properties and tested to European standards
  • Flame retardant to British and European standards
  • Wide cloths to reduce joins
  • Environmentally-sensitive materials
  • Suitable for internal and external use

SHY (UK)’s new fabric offer includes 15 new ranges which meet the criteria detailed above and some highlights of this carefully created range are:

  • A 3m wide range of fibreglass reinforced screen fabrics for all types of roller blinds
  • A special screen fabric with a metallised coating on the reverse, rejecting 74% of shortwave solar radiation and offering superior view through and heat control
  • Two eco cloths made from 100% recycled materials in widths up to 3.2m
  • Two privacy fabrics which filter the light but do not permit a view either way
  • A range of 4 ply PVC black-out fabrics including a heavier grade of this material for high use/abuse applications
  • Price sensitive polyester screen fabrics for standard gravity drop roller blinds

SHY (UK) believe in helping their dealers to make the right choice of fabric based on the type of blind system being used, the blind size, and also the requirements of the customer which often relates back to the glass in the building. To help with this choice SHY (UK) have continued to use a simple graphical presentation of technical data of every fabric so it is easy to see at a glance how each fabric performs.

The data shown in this easy-to-read format is all to European norms so when comparing different fabrics the comparisons are valid as they have been tested to the same standards.

In preparing the new fabric range SHY (UK) also wanted to improve the presentation of its swatches so each range now features a large sample so the feel and structure of cloth can be assessed and then there are smaller swatches of every colour for colour choice.

And the final piece of the jigsaw is to present the entire range in a durable ring binder.

Commenting on this new fabric range Richard Steel, SHY (UK)’s business development manager said; “helping our customers to assist their clients in making the right choice of system and fabric is essential to ensure that the blinds live up to the expectations of the users. We are convinced the range of fabrics we have and the way in which they are presented will achieve this.”



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