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Monday, 23 February 2015 00:00

Mermet has launched  a metallic version of its Screen Nature fabric

Non-flammable, guaranteed smoke-free, HQE; the Screen Nature fabric enables interior blinds to offer an unequalled level of excellence in terms of both health and safety.

With its new metallic version, the Screen Nature Ultimetal makes it possible for Mermet to extend its PVC-free range and to offer a fabric with unique levels of thermal and optical performance alongside M0 classification (non-combustible).

It's an innovation that is revolutionising the solar protection market and enables Mermet to position itself as a market leader. 

Screen Nature, the interior screen for Health and Safety
A unique glass yarn fabric, halogen-free, PVC-free, polyester-free, transparent and available in  240cm  width, this high environmental quality screen guarantees minimal environmental impact and positions itself at the leading edge in terms of environmental, fire and smoke classifications.

With exceptional properties as demonstrated by its M0 (non-combustible) and Euroclass A2 s1-d0 classifications, plus numerous other benefits:

  • its glass composition provides it with mechanical resistance and excellent dimensional stability (guaranteed 5 years);
  • its uniform basket weave offers excellent exterior vision, while maintaining a very high level of glare control with up to 94% of light filtered out, depending of the colour;
  • an elegant and especially fine fabric, the Screen Nature is easy to use in small-dimension cassettes;
  • meets the requirements of public-access buildings in terms of both health and safety.

Levels of performance
In addition to offering identical properties to those of Screen Nature fabric from the composition, safety and fineness point of view, the metallisation of one side of the Screen Nature Ultimetal provides a perfect marriage of thermal comfort and visual comfort.

Until now, for interior applications it has been recommended to choose:

  • a light shade for good solar reflection, thereby restricting incoming heat;
  • a dark shade for glare control and exterior vision.

With metallisation on one side there is complete freedom, as the Screen Nature Ultimetal makes it possible:

  • to combine an excellent level of solar reflection of 70% whichever colour shade is selected, providing good interior thermal protection with a solar factor (gtot) of 0.25 depending on the glazing, i.e. 75% of the solar energy is reflected back;
  • while at the same time offering excellent glare control: up to 94% (Tv=6%) of light is filtered. The amount of natural light is optimised while retaining excellent transparency.

As a genuine transparent thermal shield, the Screen Nature Ultimetal represents a considerable technical advance which goes hand-in-hand with comfort and design. The only remaining decision is which of the seven available colours to select, all available in 240 cm width.  Titanium, Inox, Platinum, Iron, Carbon, Bronze and Black Diamond are suitable for any interior, from the ultra classical to the ultra modern.

The Screen Nature Ultimetal fully complies with the French RT 2012 thermal regulations. It reduces building energy consumption and contributes to the gaining of credits in eco-efficient building programmes such as HQE, BBC, LEED and BREEAM, DGNB and Passiv Haus.



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