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Pavillion offers sun protection
Monday, 26 January 2015 00:00

The new RS-1 pavilion from markilux offers airy solar protection for large outdoor spaces

With its RS-1 pavilion, markilux is bringing a newly designed, self-supporting construction with an arch-shaped awning onto the market. The saddle-shaped roof construction gives plenty of headroom and provides shade to an area of up to five by five metres.

The new RS-1 pavilion has been developed in the main for restaurants, caf├ęs and hotels that want to give their guests protection from the sun and inclement weather when sitting outside. However, home owners with a large garden can also use the system to create a shaded outdoor area. The frame system, which serves as the main substructure, consists of four, sturdy round columns in which the power cables for the system's motor can be completely hidden. Combined with the pavilion awning, which from the point of view of its technology is based on the award-winning design of the markilux 8800, the RS-1 pavilion is available in two standard RAL colours and four Lounge colours without additional charge or other special RAL colours at a surcharge.

Wind resistant and stable
The pavilion awning matching the frame system is equipped with tracfix technology whereby the cover runs into the awning guide tracks. "This makes the system particularly wind resistant, up to wind resistance class 3 in accordance with awning standard EN 13561 and therefore up to Beaufort force 6," explains Michael Gerling, technical Director of the awning production facility. The entire supporting construction is extremely robust and durable as it is made of powder-coated aluminium. The frame system requires concrete foundations onto which the columns are fixed for stability.

The pavilion offers an airy roof construction
"What is unique about the pavilion is the shape of the guide tracks which are curved, thereby creating a saddle-shaped roof with plenty of headroom," says Michael Gerling. The extending awning cover on the pavilion is motorised and runs over a supporting tube which functions as a central relieving roller, which automatically lifts up slightly to give the cover the best possible tension. On the opposing side to the cassette holding the awning cover, an empty cassette case accepts the awning's front profile, which Mr Gerling says provides a perfectly balanced look. The empty cassette fulfils another function as well: it collects rainwater and removes it via the corner posts. This means that water does not run out at the sides as it does via the water spouts seen in other systems. Optionally the gable ends of the pavilion can be closed off with side panels made of shatterproof, UV-resistant and transparent Perspex. All the fabric patterns from the markilux sunsilk and sunvas snc collections with their wide range of patterns and colours are available.



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