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Weaving style in timber in and out
Friday, 17 October 2014 00:00

Ballauff Pinoleum Blinds are a solution outdoors as well as in

Pinoleum, or wood-weave blinds came to prominence in the Victorian era and, in one form or another, have been with us ever since. Shading was an important subject for the Victorians who initially needed something durable yet not too solid to keep the burning sun out of their greenhouses. A fine slatted natural product was seen as just the thing and the idea of pinoleum (a word coined by the Victorians to describe the style) blinds took off. It wasn’t long, however, before it was realised that what works well for a greenhouse can work just as well in the orangerie and, closer to the home, in the conservatory of which they were equally fond and now in any room in the home. But don’t forget the outside.

The fabric has changed little in concept since the early days: the manufacturing techniques are broadly the same, albeit with much more automation now, and the styles and shapes are considerably more varied. At the heart of any pinoleum blind, as the word suggests, is wood and it is in the choice of timber that the quality products can be separated from the lesser wood-weave blinds. One company has been involved in the market since the very beginning, French company Ballauff, which has been making ‘bois-tissé’ – as the blinds are known in France – since 1872.

To this day the outside green or ochre blinds in Paris that are on view are from Ballauff.  The company began with outside shading woven wood slats – whilst the interior blinds market has seen great benefit using this highly atmospheric and versatile concept for interior use, the expanding exterior market has seen  installations throughout Europe continue to grow.  This proves the importance of this substantial market sector for Ballauff.

Besides practical use of both heat and solar performances gained from exterior installation the visual appearance of Ballauff is unique as it can be used at both windows and in doorways, particularly in modern contemporary colours.  Ballauff will bring an attractive twist to any garden and terrace setting.



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