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Tuesday, 02 September 2014 00:00

Luxaflex launches its Faux Wood collection

Luxaflex shutters are a timeless edition to any home; they exude quality and elegance and fit beautifully with any interior style whether it is vintage chic or contemporary minimalism.

Shutters can offer the home a range of benefits from effective temperature regulation, insulation against sound, control of light and privacy as each panel of the shutter can be adjusted individually and are also ideal for unusual shaped windows.

New for 2014 is Luxaflex Faux Wood. The collection comes in a beautiful palette of 16 soft and subtle hues in either a cotton or pearl finish. The colours range from natural woods through to neutrals and on trend soft greens and blues. The collection is manufactured in the UK to the highest quality with a lead time of just two weeks. Waterproof, fire retardant and child safe, they are a fantastic cost effective edition to the Luxaflex shutter range.

The Luxaflex wood shutter collection is available in 48mm, 64mm and 89mm louvres and comes in a variety of installation styles. In the full height style, panels are supplied with an intermediate rail that provides added stability and better light control. The café style is perfect for overlooked windows, providing privacy and allowing natural light to enter the room. The tier on tier style allows users to fully open one half while leaving the other closed for the ultimate in light control. Shaped shutters are also available – arches, circular and even hexagonal windows can be catered for allowing awkward windows to be transformed.
There are two sections of wood colours: Painted platinum white (the whitest of whites) and sisal (warm taupe) as well as stained, where rich deep brown of espresso or the golden hues of Provence can be selected. The collection can also be custom painted for perfect colour coordination as Luxaflex is able to colour match to the most popular colour references.

Luxaflex mirror shutters ingeniously feature a mirror on the louvre, which adds warmth, brilliance and light to any interior. There are 12 mirror colour variants – from clear, stipple, gold, bronze and greys through to green, purple, pink, red and blues. Carefully considered colour options could turn children’s bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens and even offices into invigorating environments. Mirror shutters are the ultimate shading solution, blocking light and securing privacy, while reflecting light into the interior.

The Luxaflex vinyl shutter range combines elegance and resilience. These shutters are particularly suited to busy kitchens and steamy bathrooms as vinyl is the best option where excess moisture is present. A range of three louvre sizes – 64mm, 89mm and 127mm – allows control of light and privacy and creates the look that is best suited to individual homes. Available in cotton, pearl and vanilla colour ways, the lightweight design is an elegant solution to large windows as well as being energy efficient.



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