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Protection and security on a roll
Thursday, 28 August 2014 00:00

Roller shutters can offer clever technology and high-quality material

For many years now, Germany has seen a constant increase in the number of domestic burglaries (houses and apartments). In most cases the perpetrators break in through doors, terrace doors and windows in apartments and houses. “Roller shutters are often mentioned in connection with burglary protection, but only experts can assess which products are actually burglar-proof,” says Sebastian Schmid, project manager of R+T.

Resistance depends on a variety of criteria
Bernd Heydebreck, owner of Heydebreck GmbH, which specialises in the protection functions of roller shutters, says that not all roller shutters inhibit burglars. The shell of a roller shutter system should be secured against being pushed up and pulled out and it should not be possible to pry open the guide rails. The roller shutter rods must be made from a robust material and the roller shutter box should be difficult to access. “Only if all these criteria are satisfied, can a roller shutter function adequately as burglar protection,” explains Heydebreck.

A roller shutter is only considered burglar-resistant if it is designed in accordance with DIN V 18073-5.3 and has a RC2 resistance class certified according to EN1627. A RC2-certified roller shutter offers protection to a certain degree against opportunist burglars that try to gain access using a screwdriver, pliers and wedges.

For roller shutter systems certified according to RC3 the burglar has no chance of gaining access even with the additional use of a crowbar. According to industry experts, shells made from double-walled, extruded aluminium bars that are filled with casting resin are particularly resistant.

However, there are even stronger alternatives. Double-walled roller shutter profiles made from stainless steel are extremely resistant. Due to their material characteristics, these roller shutters offer not only the best burglar protection, but also provide protection in storms. At a width of three metres and with side safety locks, this roller shutter system can resist wind forces of up to 406 kilometres per hour. This is why it is installed as hurricane protection in the USA and as vandalism and burglary prevention in Europe.

At R+T 2015 Heydebreck GmbH will present videos that show how simple a burglar can overcome plastic roller shutters or standard aluminium roller shutters and explain the differences to higher-quality aluminium designs.

Presence simulation
Roller shutters can only contribute to burglar protection when they are closed. Modern drives and control systems ensure that roller shutters are also shut when the residents are not at home. “It is no secret that burglaries often take place when the residents are on holiday,” says Guido Schildbach, marketing manager at Selve, “therefore, the use of a technology that simulates the presence of the residents is useful.”

For instance, a control system can move roller shutters at freely definable times via integrated timers. With the astronomy function of the Smarttimer Plus from Selve, for example, sunrise and sunset times are automatically determined depending on the season using position data and the roller shutters are controlled accordingly. A combination with individually specified times is also possible. An optional holiday function varies the switch times by up to 30 minutes in a random order. “This makes it difficult for a potential burglar to detect if residents are at home,” says Schildbach. It is not only the control system that can increase the security of roller shutters, the drive motors and the roller shutter technology can also play a decisive role. The SES drive from Selve presses the closed roller shutter shell firmly against the windowsill. The additional use of a mechanical anti-lift device makes it impossible to push the roller shutters up using common tools.

At R+T 2015, Selve will showcase the latest developments in the area from drive motors, control systems and roller shutter technology to safety devices for roller shutters. “Burglar-resistant measures and technologies are an important factor for us, our customers and the entire industry.”



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