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Visionary insect screen roller blinds
Friday, 15 August 2014 00:00

Warema offers highly transparent and tear-resistant VisionAir gauze


Warema is offering the VisionAir gauze for insect screen roller blinds to specialist partners of the company at no extra charge.


The new VisionAir gauze provides a better view out and promotes good air circulation in the interior. The fine, plastic-coated fibreglass mesh is extremely tear-resistant and almost invisible from the outside and inside.

The fabric can be used in fixed, swivel and sash frames, as well as in the insect screen roller blinds of the sunlight management expert. This effective insect screen is integrated in a wide range of different roller shutter types as well as in front-mounted external venetian blinds, top-mounted external venetian blinds for new buildings, and venetian blind window systems.

It can be operated independently of the roller shutter curtain or external venetian blind. In the course of this change, the soft-raise function for gently raising insect screen roller blinds in a controlled manner was revised, which is why the minimum widths of the roller blinds can now be reduced by 50 mm.





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