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Warema launches revolutionary protective coating

Warema has launched self-cleaning slats that help eliminate dirt and reduce smog content in the air.


With a patented new protective coating for external venetian blind slats, Warema is looking to make another contribution towards a cleaner environment this year. The Reynolux EcoClean titanium dioxide coating enables slat self-cleaning and helps to purify the air.

Today, external venetian blinds can be widely found on the facades of many commercial and office buildings and are increasingly becoming more popular on private residences. Modern sun shading systems have a significant impact on indoor climate, contributing to the wellbeing of users and permanently lowering the energy demands of the building in use.

Due to their exposed outdoor position, external venetian blind units face many forms of environmental contamination, including pollen and diesel exhaust fumes. More difficult to detect are nitrogen oxides (NOx), a main component of smog, which constantly attacks and contaminates the aluminium slats. The units therefore need to be cleaned at regular intervals so that they can function flawlessly over the long term and so that the facade’s appearance can be permanently maintained. Various different methods are available for this process, some of which are labour and cost-intensive. The new Reynolux EcoClean coating enables in-situ self-cleaning of the external venetian blind slats while helping to improve air quality.

In combination with sunlight and moisture, this light-sensitive titanium dioxide coating acts like a catalyst on the top side of the slats. On the slat surface, electrons released by UV light form free radicals that break down organic matter and smog particles. The resulting smooth and hydrophilic slat surface allows the decomposed pollutants to simply slide off the slats under moist conditions; this is even possible during slight rainfall or with morning dew.

The permanent breakdown and rinsing process of pollutants leads to significant savings in terms of cleaning and maintenance for the blind units. Smog particles are attacked and broken down into harmless nitrates by the free radicals simply by being close to the coated slats. This results in a significant improvement in air quality. Just 1,000 m² of external venetian blind surface area with the Reynolux EcoClean coating is enough to eliminate the same amount of smog as approximately 80 trees.

Jon McGowan, director of Corner Star says: “More and more architects and building designers are looking for a combination of innovative and cost saving solutions to offer to their clients. Warema’s new EcoClean slat coating can now achieve this while improving the building’s energy rating.

As a trading partner with Warema, Corner Star can exclusively offer this innovative coating on new external venetian blinds, to its customers for the most common slat types and colours at a small surcharge.





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