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Sun protection trends

Comfort and sustainability, materials and colours, are the trends for internal sun protection systems.


As an industry meeting point, R+T, the world trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection, is once again the place to be in 2015 to sound out future-oriented trends in the area of sun protection and present corresponding product developments. It is already clear today that the focus is on convenient operation at the touch of a button and the networking of systems, because intelligent technology makes the control more convenient for the end user.

At the moment the proportion of automated sun protection systems in the private sector is not yet very high, but the number is growing constantly. “The younger generation in particular appreciates the convenience of automated control systems and is increasingly demanding these types of systems,” explains Christiaan Roetgering, managing director of Coulisse.

Reduce energy consumption with modern sun protection

The use of sun protection can also be optimised with remote control units and automation. Depending on solar radiation, the light and heat penetrating a room are metered so that the room does not overheat too quickly. This is how modern sun protection systems can make a significant contribution to energy savings. “Air-conditioning systems have to be used less frequently. In winter the sun protection also reduces the cooling requirement of the building,” says Sebastian Schmid, project manager, R+T at Messe Stuttgart.

A total of 111 million tons of CO2 can be saved this way each year according to the ESCORP – EU25 study.

“The sustainability concept, as well as the combination of function and design, will define the sun protection market in the coming years,” predicts Ulrike Schramm, who is responsible for graphic design and marketing at MHZ Hachtel GmbH & Co. With its colours, materials and patterns, it is mainly internal systems that have a decisive influence on the atmosphere of a room. There is an increasing demand for pleated blinds. According to Schramm, this trend is set to continue.

In contrast, on the international front Roetgering sees another trend: “While pleated blinds are definitely number one in internal sun protection systems in Germany and Austria, on a global scale the classic roller blind with more sophisticated, smarter and user-friendly components is the frontrunner.”

The exhibitors promise innovations from both product groups will be an important topic at R+T 2015. “We will present a completely revised roller blind component programme with a new large collection of fabrics and with new variants in the honeycomb pleat area,” says Roetgering.

Experts agree when it comes to the materials and fabrics for internal sun protection systems, 2013 was the year of textures with woven fabrics.

According to Schramm, vibrant materials, different surface textures such as gloss and matt, soft materials like silk and tulle, as well as graphic prints, will come into play in 2014.

In terms of colour, the focus is on two directions: On the one hand, warm African colours such as orange or taupe are popular. “The colours are mixed in the form of prints and also by combining individual plain-coloured items,” says Schramm. Roetgering adds that, on the other hand, in spring there will be a stronger demand for fresh, natural green shades.






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