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Decora looks at the benefits of digital marketing

The world of technology, digital marketing and social media is having a significant impact on not only how we behave socially and act as consumers, but also on how we do business. Combining its ease of with instantaneous results, digital marketing appeals to businesses of all sizes.  


IBM’s recent global C-suite survey states that chief marketing officers believe technology is the single most important force shaping marketing today.

Digital marketing is being recognised as businesses realise its benefits with 71% of companies planning to increase digital marketing budgets this year (Marketing Budgets Report 2014).

With the digital 'revolution' gaining momentum in the business arena, marketing strategies will need to be adapted to embrace the growing mediums, of Facebook, twitter, and email marketing to name a few, or they may lose out on gaining that all important consumer recognition.

Size doesn't matter

The power of traditional consumer mediums such as advertising are no longer dominated by those with massive marketing budgets.

Simple, yet powerful digital campaigns can prove just as effective, if not more so. Clever, well thought out campaigns can become viral, reaching multi-national audiences, no matter what size of company.

Cost effective

A digital marketing strategy can be significantly cheaper than solely using traditional marketing media such as advertising, radio and television. Content is key with digital marketing, not the cost.

Measurable results

One key benefit of digital marketing is that reactions to campaigns through data and analytics are available almost instantaneously, enabling companies to build upon strong messages or quickly amend to improve results.

Website visits, social media followers and statistics detail read rates of email campaigns offering real time feedback, all of which are crucial especially in highly competitive markets.

Brand enhancement

It has been seen that those companies that effectively utilise digital marketing through a regularly updated website, interactive social media strategy and personalised email marketing obtain enhanced brand awareness. Gaining followers and increasing target audience interaction will improve customer, employee and supplier relationships.

Limitless exposure

Digital campaigns can be seen on a worldwide scale when communication is optimised. Incorporating social media buttons on all social media channels, messages can be shared incredibly quickly.

Increased engagement

A well thought out digital marketing strategy that offers a call to action encourages follower engagement. Not only does this gain instant feedback and reactions to campaigns but builds brand recognition and awareness.

Utilising and embracing digital marketing within the blinds trade will have to be considered by all. The more companies begin to integrate digital marketing into  business strategies, the more consumer awareness of our products and of the blinds industry as a whole, will increase.

Through liking and sharing Facebook posts, uploading and sharing customer installations, tweeting child safety updates and commenting through LinkedIn, profiles of products and business alike can be enhanced.

Twitter and Facebook follower/fan base has increased by over 100% in a year; a phenomenal rate of growth, one to which we, as a blind trade cannot ignore. Considering that each post reaches on average 177 people; should this post continued to be shared, your target audience can grow exponentially.

With this in mind, we should publicise and incorporate social media symbols on our marketing literature, email marketing and websites.

For those that have yet to take the leap to digital, it's time to get social and let your web presence be known. Success will lie with those who integrate digital activity seamlessly into a marketing strategy, which in turn will yield substantial returns.





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