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Wednesday, 04 June 2014 00:00

The markilux 990 cassette awning design caters to international tastes.


Solar protection is particularly in demand in spring and summer when temperatures soar and the sun seems to be relentless. Homeowners then start to think about a suitable way to find some shade.

Price, quality, design and prompt delivery are decisive when making a purchase decision. These aspects, which affect classic impulse purchase psychology, therefore need to be taken into consideration in product development.

The design of the most compact cassette awning from the markilux stable, namely the markilux 990, was also created on the basis of these aspects. “With this model, we are orientating ourselves towards buyers who expect their awning to have a unique design yet one which gels with many different styles of building, and, of course, one that is affordable,” says Klaus Wuchner who is responsible for national and international sales at markilux.

The combination of a modern look, high quality and a well-balanced price-performance ratio seem to have been positively received by end consumers. The markilux 990 certainly benefits from this according to Wuchner.

It has made a name for itself in the main European awning markets and even in Australia since its market launch in 2009. “One important sales argument is certainly that we can deliver the awning within an acceptable period of time. After all, people want to enjoy their new solar protection as quickly as possible after purchasing it.”

Compact, space-saving full cassette

The compact, slender full cassette awning that does away with a supporting back bar is based on the tried-and-tested technology used in the previous model. Due to its new rounded shape, it has also acquired a modern and universal appearance that caters to the tastes in many countries.

With the closed cassette measuring almost 13 centimetres in height and a supporting back bar not being used, the awning only requires a small amount of space. Nevertheless, the full cassette still offers all round protection to the cover and awning arms. A sturdy front profile ensures the best possible stability.

Alongside the standard colours of white, grey brown and metallic aluminium, this awning is also available in anthracite-metallic, Havana brown textured finish and off-white textured finish as well as end caps in a highly polished chrome finish. The awning is available up to a width of five metres and with a maximum projection of three metres.





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