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Upcoming trends for the home

Light + Building 2014 offers four scenarios for the home, showcasing the consumer requirements of tomorrow.


At the world's largest trade fair for architecture and technology, Light + Building 2014, the Forum presented the trends in the home for 2014 and 2015. The focus was on various main stylistic directions

Constructed space - consistent, accented, logical

Constructed space is about a formality of style that leaves nothing to chance. Graphic patterns, strong black-and-white contrasts and 3D effects are employed with logical precision. Monochrome and highly polished surfaces emphasise the clarity of this severely geometrical aesthetic.

The silhouettes of the minimalist designs appear almost non-material and ephemeral. Modern approaches to room design integrate luminaires as part of the architecture. Thus, for example, carefully planned cabling creates delicate lines in the room. Metallic blue and ochre take precedence over neutral shades. In a precisely orchestrated interplay of light and shadow, both highly reflective and matt materials, such as metal, lacquer, glass, plain and braided leather, are able to develop their full effect.

Unaffected scene - sensual, poetic, restrained

In the light, soignŽ ambience at the heart of unaffected scene, the interior design withdraws modestly into the background. The charm of the natural makes itself felt both in the sensitively worked materials and in the delicate interpretations of wooden structures and stone textures.

Wood, stone, concrete, marble and textiles, in combination with pastel shades of water, reeds and linden green, feature frequently in this style, which draws its inspiration from nature. Materials such as cork and basket weave feature in the designs in fresh new ways and are reflected in contemporary patterning. The furniture and lighting take their cue from archetypal organic forms. Artistic works move us with unspoilt, poetic perspectives.

Singular spot - optimistic, surreal, original

In a design world full of surprises and temperament, an eclectic mix finds creative resolution. Colour, materials and traditional techniques from various cultures find unexpected application in avant-garde designs. The joy of experimentation goes hand in hand with sustainable concepts.

Glass, metal, wool, bamboo and braided materials combine freely with reds, pinks, reseda greens, sand tones, azure blues, cool greys and black. Self-consciously artistic luminaries provide touches of wit and self-irony. In parallel to this, an awareness of social and ecological responsibility leads to surprising solutions with a real sense of creativity. At the same time, the craft skills of foreign cultures are increasingly in evidence as a distinctive design feature.

Selected site - handcrafted, calm, harmonious

Masterly craftsmanship, calm and harmony mark the essential features of this elegant style. Asian influences are apparent in the intense concern for materials and the way they are worked. Traditional techniques are linked closely with modern design requirements, innovative high-tech is combined with classic lines. This all creates products of outstanding character.

The skilful interplay of elegant design and structured surfaces, traditional folds and delicate transparency creates highly sensitive lighting moods. The well-balanced colour palette extends from muted shades of natural white, wasabi green and mahogany to midnight black. Dark metals, such as bronze, as well as old and matt gold, develop their warm glow in a reductionist aesthetic. Over and above everything there is an absolute requirement for perfection and quality.

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