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Simply Shutters launches new range of grilles
Wednesday, 07 May 2014 00:00

Simply Shutters has added a new range of retractable security grilles to its existing catalogue of decorative shutters.


The addition of retractable security grilles to its catalogue is a natural extension of Simply Shutters’ core business, since many customers come onto the website looking for an added means of security in one form or another. "We added security grilles to the existing range because we discovered there was a gap in the line up where we were losing business opportunities. We were often asked about exterior shutters for security purposes but had to disappoint the clients when they learned that shutters could not be installed and operated with outward opening windows. Citadel security grilles offer the protection required without the need for the windows to open in a particular way. It was an easy decision to make that now allows us to offer an alternative solution to those clients who’s windows are incompatible with exterior security shutters," says Paul Millar, director, Simply Shutters.

The benefits of security grilles

Retractable grilles that fit behind windows provide an effective, convenient and surprisingly unobtrusive layer of security to a property. As such, they are an ideal complement to other measures that may already be in place, whether the premises are commercial or residential.

Internal grilles

Although most of the commercial security grilles on shop fronts are heavy, roll-down metal barriers, there are plenty of other options that are both robust and far more discreet. In particular, grilles designed for domestic use tend to be lighter and more understated in appearance, while remaining extremely resilient. Rather than fitting outside the windows – intentionally forming an effective visual barrier and deterrent as well as a physical one – these grilles fit behind the windows on the inside of the frame, and can be folded away when not in use.

This has a number of advantages over external ones:

• Aesthetics They are more appealing – when they are visible at all. When not in use the grilles can be folded back to a fraction of their full size, fitting neatly behind curtains and pelmets so they are completely hidden. They can be made in any colour so that even when extended they fit with existing decor and blend into the background

• Light and temperature As internal grilles are not supposed to form a visual barrier, they can be locked closed without blocking out sunlight. Windows can even be left open while the grilles are shut, allowing ventilation without compromising security. Young children can be left to play near open windows without worrying about them climbing or falling out.

• Ease of use Internal retractable grilles are designed to be opened and closed regularly, and are extremely simple to use. They will typically employ multipoint locking with a single key, making it very fast and easy to protect a potential access point. Despite this, they are capable of withstanding significant forces (including from flying debris in a bomb blast). Grilles are rated to different specifications, each one indicating the time, force and equipment needed to break through them by would-be intruders.

• Visual deterrent Although the grilles are not obvious from a distance, from close up they are clearly visible. Since most theft is opportunistic, this will generally be enough to convince a burglar that it is not worth the time and effort.

• Lower maintenance Internal grilles require less maintenance than external ones. Since they are installed inside the building they are not exposed to the elements and to general wear and tear in the same way.

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