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Eclipse gets creative with vertical blinds
Wednesday, 30 April 2014 00:00

Eclipse offers a multitude of vertical blind options for those that prefer to be creative.


They are seen everywhere, from homes, offices, hospitals to the local shop. They are a classic in terms of window coverings, mainly due to vertical blinds being so simple and easy to operate and the control over how much light and shade is required within the room they are set.  However, they don’t have to look ordinary; it’s time to get creative with vertical blinds.

Eclipse Blinds offer various products to help get the creative juices flowing. The fascia option can be covered with any choice of fabric, whether it matches the vanes or is in contrast with them to give a different look. The fascia comes with either white or chrome endcaps to complement the overall appearance and finish of the blind.

Vertical blinds make it exceptionally easy to play around with colour, for example, recreating the same stripes that are on the cushion covers next to the window to match the blinds. Vanes can be removed and replaced with ease allowing the colour of the blind to be changed as often as desired. Taking it further, every second or third vane could be used as a contrasting colour. Eclipse has an excellent choice of colours within its vertical fabric collection – in the Palette range, for example, there are 50 different colours, eight of which are new for 2014.

The same can be done with texture to add diversity, for example mixing chancery teal, which is smooth to the touch, with drama turquoise, a fabric comprising several different weave structures.

In all, the vertical fabric collection has 50 different fabric ranges plus PVC vanes providing a comprehensive offer; it really has something for everyone.





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