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arena's spectrum of colour

arena offers key colour trends from its new Aquarius Collections of romans, curtains and rollers.


Each season a fresh new palette of colours explodes on to the scene, inspiring everything from fashion to the interior fabrics seen in design showrooms.

Bringing a pop of colour into the home can liven up every room in very different ways and fabrics can help make all the difference.

According to arena, the following are key colours for this year:

Citrus orange

A vibrant splash of bright orange will liven up neutrals, bringing a fresh tangy twist to walls.

Old gold

A sunny splash of golden yellow will add richness, depth and a sense of opulence to every room.

Peacock blue

Paired with the freshness of white walls, peacock blue puts an up to date spin on the classic blue and white coastal vibe that is always popular.

Hot fuchsia

Hot fuchsia pink may not inspire sleep, but it brings a great sense of fun into family living spaces.

Liquid bronze

A neutral palette of muted solids can create a calming mood in any room, but works particularly well in the bedroom. Work in some interesting textures and light reflecting surfaces to lift the base of note of brown and grey.

Warm periwinkle

Adding the warmth of purple hues, whether in plains or striking patterns, will complement a palette of soft greys to bring a soothing tone to a living space.






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