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Mermet fitted over 300 blinds for the Technogym wellness campus in Italy.


With an architectural surface area of some 60,000m, the ‘Village’ by Technogym, a global leader in the production of gym & fitness equipment based in Cesena, Italy, is an example of innovation and the first ‘wellness campus’ in the world. It represents a brand philosophy based on the architectural design of ‘place’ in which glass is at the forefront. Solar protection is therefore vital: over 300 interior and exterior blinds were installed and fitted with the fabric Satiné 5500 by Mermet.

Completely transparent architectural design

In line with the concept of wellness developed by Technogym, the architects (Antonio Citterio, Patricia Viel & Partners) strove to achieve a creative and designer feel with a low environmental impact.

The project sits perfectly within its natural environment with a series of low, curved buildings made from natural materials (wood and glass) and is a demonstration of the philosophy of the company that wanted to focus its activities on a single location: production site, administrative and head offices, R&D centre and a large wellness centre dedicated to physical activity.

Environmental awareness

Selected for its minimal impact on the environment, solar protection by using blinds was the solution for meeting the thermal and visual comfort requirements of the occupants.

Resstende, a blinds manufacturer and installer and Mermet partner, selected the fabric Satiné 5500, a multi-use, hi-tech and decorative textile that boasts all the required properties.

Satiné 5500: two uses in a single fabric

In its chosen colour of 1006 Sable Bronze, the Satiné 5500 fabric by Mermet fit harmoniously into all buildings and offers numerous advantages to the buildings of the Technogym Village, both for the interior and exterior:

• Excellent glare control, ideal for offices and meeting rooms. Through its diagonal satin weave, the fabric filters 92% of light rays while optimising the capture of natural light

• Unique transparency and clear vision to the outside, enabling an unobstructed view of the surrounding park to be maintained

• Excellent dimensional stability, especially for the larger width sizes

• Certified non-flammable, with both Greenguard and Enduris Glass Core certification, the Satiné 5500 fabric complies with health and safety requirements for buildings accessible to the public.

Among the total of 316 blinds, 122 interior blinds were divided among the various buildings. The production site in particular benefitted from the technical properties of the Mermet fabrics with very sizeable blinds of up to 3.8m in width and 5.5m in length.

For the exterior, the fabric offers excellent protection against heat, with 88% of the solar energy reflected back. With the main building being fully glazed, it alone required the fitting of 194 exterior blinds, here again in large dimensions (2.8m wide by 4.2m long). Three out of the four floors (the fourth being protected by the curve of the roof) were fully fitted out with Mermet fabrics, which were also favoured for their unrivalled weather resistance.






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