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Data Mobile Marketing is helping blinds and shutters businesses navigate the mobile marketing world.


Getting a businesses name in front of the right people can be challenging for any company. There are many avenues to choose from in terms of ensuring the most exposure, value for money and the biggest return. The question to ask, is what is the most effective in today’s business climate?

Mobile marketing is one opinion that is increasingly becoming the primary point of engagement between consumer and brands. Unfortunately, when it comes to marketing through mobile devices, it can still be the Wild West.

However, mobile marketing is one the rise and will play a large role in the market for 2014, helping businesses target relevant customers. Over ninety per cent of adults keep their smartphones with arms reach, and importantly for any business, nine out of 10 mobile searches lead to action.

Mobile marketing can be used by businesses to utilise offers, competitions, surveys and much more. Marketing can be targeted through specific characteristics, which is perfect to promote and advertise any business.

Case study – Middleton Blinds

Since 1998, Middleton Blinds has grown from a small home-based business to one of Manchester’s largest independent window blind retailers with over 3,000 customers every year.

The campaign

Over the years, Middleton Blinds has collected a good size contact database. These contacts were stored across a CRM system and several excel spreadsheets.

By uploading these securely to, the company was able to see for the first time the volume of mobile numbers collected and demographics – both customers and prospects.

The next step was to create an offer and mobile optimised landing page. The landing page allowed Middleton Blinds to track open rates and user selection.

The results were:

• Data selected though target market – location, gender, age

• Promotion offer created – up to 40% off selected window blinds

• Mobile optimised landing page – 92% open rate; 10 new sales; ROI 300%

• Traditional marketing channels dramatically reduced.

What next? has an opt-in database of over 14m consumers. Now Middleton Blinds know what its customers look like, it has matched those against the contact database and selected 8,000 new prospects to contact. Middleton Blinds has also set up a 12 month mobile marketing campaign to keep its existing contact database engaged.

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