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Let there not be light

SHY (UK) provides a London church with blinds to control light and heat.


SHY (UK) has some clever solutions for controlling the amount of natural light emitted through glazing. The quantity of light and heat ingress through glass varies significantly not only from month to month, or even day to day, but minute to minute as weather is dynamic and constantly changing.

Such a level of control was required to the worship area at the United Reform Church in Bayswater, London. In this church, a roof lantern allowed for natural light to flood into the space so there was a requirement to provide a blackout facility and also to help reduce heat gain in the warmer months.

SHY (UK) designed a fabric tension system (FTS) with 150mm square headboxes at either end of the blind and Zip channels to the sides. In this system, a motor is used at either end so when the blind is stopped, anywhere along its travel or when it is fully deployed, the motors turn in opposite directions to tension the cloth. This makes it ideal for large rooflight blinds as it helps to minimise the gravitational sag of the cloth.

An additional challenge on this project was that the opening of the lantern was not square. This is often encountered in buildings but of course a dimout blind needs to be fitted square so the cloth accurately runs in the side channels. SHY (UK) had a solution for this as well. Bespoke shelving provided a cover for the headboxes and channels allowing the blind to be squared up independently of the opening.

To help control heat gain SHY (UK) used its B50 100% blackout fabric in white, which has a 74% heat reflectance as measured to European standards.

Richard Steel, SHY (UK)’s business development manager, says: “Our dealer, BBD Blinds, made an excellent job of this installation although they did enjoy the fitting flexibility of our bespoke shelving. The Zip channels in this installation not only provide an excellent degree of dimout but also ensure the cloth is fully retained when the vents are open in the lantern above the blind.”





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