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A new legal comparison site that connects businesses with lawyers has been launched.
LawyerFair matches businesses in need of legal advice with pre-screened and market reviewed lawyers.


There is no cost to use the service.
It’s the first comparison site in the UK dedicated to SMEs, providing choice, quality and complete transparency. Businesses post their legal requirement online and within 24 hours, receive up to three fee proposals from pre-approved lawyers, all of whom who have signed up to the LawyerFair customer care charter.

Users can also check reviews on each lawyer left by previous users.
LawyerFair was created by an experienced management team of lawyers and owner managers, all of whom with vast experience of providing and procuring legal services for SMEs.

CEO Andrew Weaver says: “Research indicates that businesses are really unhappy with the current legal services market and want something different.  “Traditionally, finding a lawyer is a lottery based on local recommendations or the firm you always use, whether or not they’re experts in the field of law you need today.

“LawyerFair provides an alternative. Our efficient and competitive tendering process is changing the way that businesses procure legal services. Our independent service charter is providing businesses with the confidence that they’re receiving the best advice, at the fairest price.”

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