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Enhance your business with BlindMatrix

Partnering with BlindMatrix provides blind retailers and manufacturers the opportunity to streamline business practices and free up cashflow.


In today’s business climate, finding ways to improve cashflow, reduce production mistakes, generate more repeat business, increase sales conversion rates, amongst other essential business practices, can be difficult.

However, using technology can substantially enhance business practices as well as deal with the afore mentioned issues. With over a decade’s expertise, BlindMatrix is unique in the industry in the technology that it provides by offering a comprehensive range of the latest, powerful and easy to use software and ecommerce solutions. The company can help blind companies by helping them grow, streamline administrative tasks and helping to cut costs.

BlindMatrix can deal with the smallest blind company through to the largest with tailor-made solutions for individual business requirements. One of BlindMatrix’s customers, based in Leicester, for example, only has four employees. The company manually processed all its orders, quotes, invoices and diary with measurers using carbon paper for sales calls. BlindMatrix helped the company to centralise all its customer information allowing quotes, purchase orders and invoices to be produced instantly. By reducing administrative tasks by 50 per cent, the company can now focus on sales and growing its business.

BlindMatrix is a pioneer in blinds software and ecommerce systems with a focus on R&D and the company is continuously investing in the latest technology and updating its products. To this end, its most recent addition is the launch of Simplify mobile app, which enables blind companies to quote and process orders onsite using mobile devices, tablets, PCs and Mac’s.

Additional benefits of the Simplify software includes the ability to instantly calculate costs, view prices within seconds, generate invoices and email client directly and view daily appointments. Users of the Simplify software also benefit from a reduction of administration working hours, a cutting down of production mistakes, maintain control of the business when not physically present through online log in, improve advertising effectiveness, send marketing material at the click of a button, keep track of workflow, make a sales team more efficient and improve customer service.

Customer service is vital to Blind Matrix’s own business ethos, and prides itself on offering its clients an outstanding customer response team. “The BlindMatrix motto is ‘your success is our success’; we value our customers as we know that they are the reason for our success and without their support we would not be where we are today. We work in a way that ensures our customers will not face any problems in our day-to-day dealings because we always over deliver,” says Vivek Rao, director, BlindMatrix.





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