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The benefits of blinds for bi-folding doors

Neil Ginger, CEO of Origin, explains how installers and retailers can help customers choose stylish, energy-efficient blinds to suit all styles of property.


When British summer evenings start to draw in, marking the end of summer, homeowners start to consider furnishings that best retain heat in the home, while providing additional insulation and privacy during the colder, darker evenings.

Thermal efficiency in the winter months

New energy standards are expected to come into place in 2014 to improve the thermal efficiency of both new build and existing buildings. As a result, most contractors and developers will already be using high levels of insulation and the latest building materials and technologies, which is great news for the homeowner. However, the installation of blinds is often overlooked by both parties as an asset in energy efficiency. Choosing the right blinds, with the latest in fabric technology, will dramatically reduce energy bills.

Origin manufactures its own bespoke range of electric roller blinds, perfectly tailored to fit any bi-folding door configuration. Designed to enhance the look of all folding sliding doors, the blinds also adapt perfectly to changing weather conditions: to provide shade from the sun, while retaining heat in winter. The fabric used to create each set of bespoke blinds saves energy and reduces the carbon footprint of a property by providing a high level of insulation.

Privacy and security

It is repeatedly reported, that crime rates increase by nearly half over the winter months, so it’s unsurprising that blinds are sought after during this time to provide a higher level of privacy for homeowners.

When closed, Origin’s blinds keep the home safe from prying eyes, while providing a completely unobstructed panoramic view outside when open. This allows the maximum amount of light to flood through the bi-folding doors. For new builds or extensions, the blinds can even be installed inside the reveal, so the blinds aren’t seen at all until they are drawn, giving a complete sightline out into the garden.

The blinds can be operated using a hand-held remote control or a wall-mounted touch screen. Better still, they can include indoor sensors, programmed to open and close the blinds on sunrise and sunset, for additional privacy and security.

The range includes translucency options to let in a maximum amount of light, while maintaining a high level of privacy, plus water resistant options to protect the blinds from condensation during the cold, wet winter months.

Range of styles, textures and colours

Bi-folding doors make a wonderful statement in a home, so it’s important that the blinds enhance the doors and match the style of property and interior decor. The electric blinds come in over 100 fabrics, patterns and colour customisation options, so the customer can have a truly bespoke option.

Lastly, Origin’s tailor-made approach means there is a blind for every door or window. They can be retro-fitted to other doors even if they’re not manufactured by Origin, so blinds and shutters installers will never need to turn a customer away.





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